Dustin Diamond has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and his dying wishes are to talk to the bassist from his favorite band and visit Disney World, his pal has revealed.

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The TV actor was rushed to a hospital in Florida with “pain all over his body” in January.

Last month, Block, who met Diamond when he hired him to star in commercials for his insurance business, revealed how Diamond was afraid to seek medical help earlier in case people made fun of him.

Block said he had a “huge lump” on his neck for some time — but tragically put off going to the hospital in case people took photos and posted them online.

“I know that the reason he didn’t get help is because when he goes out, people take pictures, put it on the internet and say not nice things about him,” Block said.

“He’s subject to public ridicule all the time and it sucks. People need to know he is a human.”

Block also asked Diamond’s fans to send letters and cards to his office and he’ll deliver them to Diamond in the hospital in Florida.

“We are accepting letters and cards from fans and then we’ll take them down to Dustin. We have a team ready.

“I know a lot of people do love Dustin, but he doesn’t want to look online at the moment because he sees all the negative comments.

“I think it would mean a lot to him and really help him at this time.”

Diamond’s rep Roger Paul previously told the Sun: “I’d like to ask everybody to keep Dustin in their thoughts and prayers.”

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