Elegance coach reveals the clothes that make you look ‘common’ and turn off ‘classy’ men – including leggings, skinny jeans and T-SHIRTS (so, how does YOUR wardrobe measure up?)

  • School of Affluence founder Anna Bey shared the secret to looking expensive 
  • Posting on YouTube, she advised against following trends worn by the ‘masses’
  • UK-based vlogger listed items to avoid wearing including leggings and jeans 

A vlogger has revealed the ‘common’ pieces of clothing that women should banish from their wardrobes if they want to look expensive, including leggings, t-shirts and skinny jeans.

Anna Bey, who lives in London, boasts over 826,000 subscribers on YouTube from sharing the controversial tips that helped her to land herself a wealthy boyfriend. 

In her latest video, the Swedish-born ‘School of Affluence’ founder advises women not to dress like the ‘masses’ if they want to appear put together, claiming mom jeans and relaxed t-shirts are fashion faux pas.

She also adds that any outfit can look more expensive when a hat is added for ‘instant glamour’. 

Anna Bey has revealed the ‘common’ pieces of clothing that women should banish from their wardrobes if they want to look expensive, including shorts (left) and skinny jeans

Anna Bey (pictured) who lives in London, has shared styling advice for women who want to look more expensive and attract ‘classy’ men


Anna says women shouldn’t embrace the styles commonly worn if they want to look expensive.

‘Don’t wear what all the plain Janes out there are wearing ladies. I’m talking about clothes that are so incredibly common that when you wear it you look like every other Joe out there,’ she explains.

‘We don’t want to look boring, we don’t want to look dull and that’s why we avoid what everyone else is wearing.

She then goes on to say an exception can be made for interesting trends or classic pieces.

Listing items to avoid, she adds: ‘Skinny blue jeans paired with ankle boots. You also have some jackets, relaxed looking t-shirts, or leggings. Many other things like mom jeans or Levi style shorts.

‘When you look a little bit different, a little bit better that’s when you’re going to look more effortlessly expensive and put together because the general masses they don’t look like that.’

Anna says women shouldn’t embrace the styles commonly worn if they want to look expensive. On the list of clothes to avoid are skinny jeans (left) and baggy t-shirts


The vlogger who believes her advice can help women who want to date high-income men, says adding a belt can add femininity. 

She says: ‘In particular if you’re wearing a dress or skirt, wearing a belt makes sense. Sometimes dresses or skirts can look a little bit dull if nothing is added to them.

‘A great tip is to really try and collect belts in all kinds of textures, colours, have lots of variations to experiment on those days when you feel like your dress needs a pick me up.’ 

Describing belts as significant to dressing, Anna continues: ‘What I really like about adding a belt is not only is it an accessory that adds flavour, but it also adds femininity. 

‘It creates a silhouette of a woman and accentuates her waist. But if you have a body shape that is more of an oval or apple, this is not going to work for you.’  

Anna (pictured) also adds that any outfit can look more expensive when a hat is added for ‘instant glamour’


Anna reveals wearing a hat is perfect for when you’re having a bad hair day or feel that your outfit looks boring.

‘A hat instantly adds glamour,’ she says, demonstrating on herself. ‘You can have an outdoor hat for fall or winter. Or you can have more of a beach hat for daytime that you can wear to the beach club for a nice lunch.

‘You can also have the option of something a little bit more dressed up. Let’s say to a formal event a fascinator or a pill box hat.  There also some very elegant headbands or you can add a little ribbon as a detail. 

‘Most people forget to accessorise up here, which is why if you do that you’re going to first of all stand out but you’re also going to discover this very quick hack of throwing something on your head and instantly you look more glamorous.’

Anna (pictured) says wearing a hat can be useful for women who are having a bad hair day but want to look instantly glamorous 


The School of Affluence founder advises women to get a professional blow-dry as often as they can afford and opt for trendy haircuts that can be easily styled.

‘I really believe that beautiful hair creates miracles for you and in particular for your overall look,’ she says.

‘You could do your own blow-dry and sure, why not? Especially if you’re on a budget. However, unless you’re a professional or you have learned the skills of a professional, it’s not exactly the same as when a proper professional does your hair.’

Anna reveals her hair is very difficult to style without help and tells women that it’s really important to spend money on their hair.

‘Even if it’s not going to last you more than 48 hours. When you have a blow dry it is like wearing an accessory because your hair does so much for your whole appearance,’ she said.

‘You can wear something really basic but your hair is going to make you look like va-va-voom type of thing. If I could choose one thing that would make me look the most expensive it would definitely be a blow dry,’ she says. 

Anna (pictured) advises women not to wear prints and experiment with colour if they want to look chic 


Anna says minimalism has always been a favoured style by the affluent community because less is more.

She said: ‘When I say wear minimal, I mean one colour, no prints, maybe even monochrome. Focus on clean lines in terms of how the styling goes.

‘Play around mostly with neutral colours. That’s what makes the chicness come out and makes a person look more expensive. 

‘Try to buy clothes that are somehow good material because when you wear that type of style the material really gets put in focus.’

She explained those with a flamboyant style, can try combining colours saying: ‘I personally love taking my separates, let’s say a pair of trousers or skirt and a top and mix and match them in different colours.

‘You can find so many interesting colour combinations that will add instant flavour to your outfit and elevate it, making it look more expensive because it looks slightly different. 

‘Remember when I said do not dress like the masses, that’s exactly what you do when you start adding colour to your wardrobe because the masses ladies, they don’t wear colour like that, but if you do in a sophisticated way then you’re going to look amazing and not boring whatsoever.’

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