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Elon Musk Has Ticket For Richard Bransons Galactic Space Flights

Jul 13, 2021

In the race between billionaires to launch into space, Elon Musk has officially chosen a “side”.  Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin LLC and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. have been going head to head in a competitive rush to orbit push past the earth’s limitations and orbit space. On the heels of Richard Branson’s successful mid-air launch, his good pal Elon Musk has thrown the powerful weight of his support in Branson’s direction by purchasing a ticket to board the Virgin Galactic. Hypebeast confirm that he has officially been penned as one of Branson’s passengers, adding to the hype that currently surrounds Branson’s successful venture.

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Elon Musk and Richard Branson clearly share a passion for space travel. Rather than butting heads, they are standing in support of one another’s missions, with Elon Musk making the first bold move to showcase his approval and support of his friend’s tireless efforts.

The Verge has reported that; “Musk, CEO and founder of SpaceX, had the Virgin Galactic ticket before Branson’s flight to space on Sunday,. It’s unclear where Musk stands in Virgin Galactic’s line of about 600 other prospective SpaceShipTwo passengers, but the ticket itself is an extension of his apparent friendship with Branson.”

This is a stark difference from the petty, snarky, competitive approach that fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos has taken to his Blue Origin journey.

It’s unclear if Musk’s endorsement was intended to be a jab in the Bezos’ direction, but the fact remains clear – he’s decided to go to space with Richard Branson’s company and he paid a hefty price for the privilege.

The exact price that Musk has paid to Branson remains unconfirmed, but reports through a variety of media outlets suggest the cost to experience this incredible adventure was likely upwards of $250,000.

While some are confused by the alliance in this scenario, there are clear differences between the  huge space projects that these two buddies have in the works.

Branson’s experience lasted a few minutes while he experienced microgravity and was able to get a view of the earth’s surface. His ultimate goal is to make space travel more accessible to the average consumer, and to engage a passenger-based space travel program.

Musk, however, is taking a whole other approach to his company’s space travel aspirations. He’s zoned in on contracting astronauts and supplies for a more elongated stay which is designed to assist governmental record keeping and advancement in the world of space exploration.

It’s unclear when Musk’s experience with Branson will take place, but millions of fans will surely be watching.

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Sources: Hypebeast, The Verge


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