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Father penned a LinkedIn post about being a full-time worker and dad

Dec 14, 2021

Father goes viral on LinkedIn with post about going to ‘mum and baby’ classes and changing nappies in women’s toilets to bust the ‘daddy daycare’ stereotype (but critics claim he should do it without congratulating himself)

  • Matt Nixon, who lives in Worthing, shared his experience as a ‘modern dad’
  • Posting on LinkedIn, explained that he is a full-time worker and full-time parent
  • Goes to ‘mum’ and baby class and changes nappies in women’s bathrooms
  • Some praised his honesty – but others said he shouldn’t congratulating himself 

A self-described ‘full-time worker and full-time dad’ has divided opinion with a LinkedIn post talking about how he has to use facilities aimed at mothers because there are no alternatives for fathers. 

Project manager Matt Nixon, of Worthing, West Sussex took to LinkedIn to explain that as a ‘full-time worker and full-time dad’ he often has to go to ‘mum’ and baby classes and use nappy changing facilities in women’s bathrooms.  

The post, which has received more than 1,500 likes, has been praised by parents who congratulated him for championing involved fathers. 

However others said he should ‘get over himself’ and that men have been doing the same thing for decades. 

Matt Nixon (pictured), who lives in Worthing, has gone viral on LinkedIn after penning an emotional post about his experience as a modern dad 

Matt revealed as a full-time worker and a full-time dad, he attends ‘mum’ and baby sessions as well as changes nappies in the ladies toilets 

Matt, who shares childcare responsibilities with his wife Harri, wrote: ‘I don’t do ‘daddy daycare. I’m not a “hands on dad”. And I will never “babysit” my own kids!

‘I step up and be my own definition of what a modern dad is. I’m a full time worker and a full time dad. I’m the one showing up at “mum'” and baby sessions, after left finding barely any ‘dad’ ones.

‘I’m the one changing nappies in the ladies toilets… cos [sic] apparently no one installs them in the gents!

‘I’m the one who’s “weird” for speaking openly about my kids and wanting to promote a positive narrative around family life…

‘My boys inspire me each and every day… #dadgoals #mentalhealth #dadlife’

Matt said he speaks openly about wanting to promote a positive narrative around family life and is inspired by his sons everyday. Pictured: Matt and wife Harri 

Many fathers in similar positions praised Matt for his words, writing: ‘I 100 per cent agree with everything you say. I’ve found taking my twins to ‘baby and toddler’ groups a very uncomfortable experience. I loved doing it for them, but I certainly rarely felt welcomed. And on occasion patronised.’

A second added: ‘It’s a shame that in 2021 you have to even shout about being an involved father. It should be standard practice, rather than being the odd one out for being a good father. All credit to you.’

Another wrote: ‘I absolutely despite the term ‘Daddy daycare’. No, I am not a ‘good boy’ for giving mum a day off by looking after my own child. I’m a parent.’ 

However there were also critical responses. One person wrote: ‘Don’t most dads do those things or are we still living in 1930?’ 

A number of responses to Matt’s post claimed they’ve been balancing parenthood with a full-time career for years

‘I did all of this and more 25 years ago… get over yourself,’ another said.  

A third added: ‘I don’t agree that you can be a full time dad (parent) and a full time worker. At times you have to choose to do one and not the other and it won’t be the same answer every time.

‘The idea that you can have it all is at the root of how we have ended up where we are today. 

‘People who don’t have kids (or don’t care for the kids they do have) will probably progress faster, get pair more, have more opportunities. Men should be affected by this as much as women if we are too level the playing field.’

Many responses praised Matt for sharing his experience and admitted they can relate to the assumptions made about fathers 

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