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Former NFL Player Albert Haynesworth Is 'in Dire Need' of a Kidney: 'Mine Have Finally Failed Me'

Jul 11, 2019

Albert Haynesworth is seeking help from his fans and followers.

The former NFL defensive tackle, who was also an NFL All-Pro with the Tennessee Titans, shared a heartbreaking message on Instagram, revealing that he was recently hospitalized after his kidneys failed.

“My doctors said I should reach out to my family, friends and fans. Some of you may know I’ve been battling kidney disease for a few years now the time has come family, friends and fans I’m in dire need of a kidney mine have finally failed me,” Haynesworth, 38, wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of himself in a hospital bed.

“It’s hard to believe from being a professional athlete to only 8 seasons in retirement that my body has taken another major blow,” said the former football star, who signed a seven-year contract with the Washington Redskins in 2009, but played less than two full seasons.

“First with the brain aneurism [sic] 3 seasons out of the NFL to now my kidneys failing me. But the bright side of this latest ordeal I can ask for help by asking for someone to generously donate a kidney,” the father of three said of his two brain aneurysms in 2014 that nearly killed him.

Haynesworth played in college at the University of Tennessee and was a first-round pick by the Titans in the 2002 NFL draft. He went on to play a total of 10 seasons in the NFL, including with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, before retiring after the 2011 season.

“If you are interested in giving this precious gift please call Vanderbilt at 615-936-0695 and hit option 2,” the former football player told fans.

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