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Furious woman finds passive aggressive note telling her to park better

Oct 25, 2022

A woman wasn't happy when her parking skills were called into question.

The lass took to Reddit to share a note that was left on her car windscreen.

A stranger had taken the time to leave a passive aggressive message about where she'd left her motor.

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It read: "Park better next time, thanks."

The driver took a picture of her car, which was parked in between the two white lines.

Her motor was in a 'visitors' spot and there was plenty of room for other vehicles either side.

A Reddit user theorised: "(Someone) probably took it off their car and put it on yours".

But the baffled woman replied: "I don't know, it wasn't crumpled at all when I pulled it from under my windscreen wiper and there weren't many cars in the car park when I parked last night.

"I was livid for a whole moment and now I'm just confused."

Other commenters were equally confused – and some questioned whether the note was sarcastic.

One joked: "It's a challenge, I bet you can't. Hard to beat that parking."

Another theorised: "Maybe they saw you parked so perfectly, out in the middle of nowhere by yourself, and knew putting that on your car would be annoying so they did it on purpose.

"Like 'oh look at this guy, backing into a spot far away. What’s he worried someone will ding his precious Subaru? I know how to p*ss him off'."

A third agreed: "I think it's a prank."

And a fourth added: "It's a pretty good prank. Just slap one of these bad boys on a perfectly parked car and look at how much time the person takes to look at the way they've parked to try and find something wrong with it."


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