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Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for February 25

Feb 25, 2023


Everything is coming too easily for you. There is a lack of excitement and stimulation. You don’t like it when you are achieving but you know you are capable of more. An old friend might suggest a task or project that will push you and provide the challenge you need.


You’re clinging on to a relationship that has long-since past its sell-by date. Someone has betrayed you and yet you are trying to forgive and forget. It isn’t worth the emotional turmoil this is causing you. Let go. It will feel empowering to defend your own interests.



A difficult work or financial situation needs to be dealt with. Remain focused and don’t be distracted with other things that are going on. It will be important to carefully assess the situation. Research well and take detailed notes before making a big decision.


Family plans are rearranged or cancelled altogether. Do your best not to let this upset you. What is suggested by way of an alternative could turn out to be better for you. When making social arrangements go for activities that do not require you to be surrounded by noisy people.


It’s hard to feel jolly when as soon as money comes in, it goes straight back out again. Once duty has been dealt with and obligations fulfilled you will find a good deal of pleasure through seeking company and pastimes that mean leaving familiar surroundings and routines for a short while.


Enjoyment will come from sharing your time with people whose company you really enjoy. Whether you are with old friends, neighbours, workmates or the person who means most to you, what’s important is that you are making the most of this chance to mix with others.


The point of a charity event will be to raise awareness as well as money. It will feel good to be involved. You will be meeting some wonderful people who are focused on making a difference in the lives of others. Supporting a good cause will give your life added depth.


Everybody needs a friend. When someone reaches out to you, be sure to listen. If you could do with some advice, there will be someone who is willing to help and support you. All you have to do is ask. Remember that people cannot read your mind.


You will refuse to be patient with someone who keeps throwing childish tantrums. Just because things aren’t going their way, there is no need for them to lash out in temper. If a colleague can’t keep emotions under control, this will begin to undermine their professional reputation.


Choose to spend more time with family and friends who need your support. Relationships will go from strength to strength provided you give them time and attention. There’s a lot going on in your life but have you forgotten about the things that really matter?


Your boss or a senior colleague is never around when you need them. They aren’t being awkward. They’ve got a job to do just like everyone else and currently they’re focused on their own concerns. A special cause has kept you going and you should be proud of your success.


A daring challenge will inspire a group of people to work together towards a mutual goal. You have every confidence that together you will achieve. Joining forces with other creative people will open doors for you. Spending money to improve your mood is not a good idea if you are watching the pennies.

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