• Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

Hot water bottle hack helps you sleep at night in sweltering weather

Jun 9, 2021

A trending TikTok hack claims to help you sleep better on hot nights by cooling down your sheets and it's supposed to be "amazing".

In a video, user @sambatterson5 Sam Batterson has a tip for sweltering Brits struggling to get their beauty sleep under the glare of the heatwave.

She says: "Fill your hot water bottle up with half cold water, then put it in the freezer. I put mine in all day."

The TikToker then puts the iced bottle in her bed underneath the duvet and also recommends putting it in your pillowcase for a soothing cool sensation on the face.

Sam adds: "You are literally just going to put it in your bed an hour before you go to bed. And when you get in your bed it's going to be so cold.

"Put it in your pillowcase, or just rest on it – it’s amazing!"

In the on-screen caption she wrote: "If you're in the UK and can't sleep in the heat try this!"

She adds you don't to be as "precise" as she was and you can just leave it in the freezer "for a while before you go to bed".

The tip was watched just under one million times on the video-sharing app and people said it was a brilliant idea – although Sam warned not to use the same bottle for hot water after freezing it once.

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If the seal was weakened by freezing then hot water could leak out and result in serious scalds.

She wrote: "Three things – 1) Please don’t do this too often as the ice can damage the seal. 2) Only fill it 2/3s up as it expands! 3) Be careful of ice burns."

People in the comments were quick to commend Sam for the idea and some said they had tried it out already.

One fan wrote: "Why have I never thought of this before?!?!? COLD PILLOWS. I’m so excited."

“I’ve been doing this all week, it’s amazing," said another.

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