Dirty makeup brushes will make acne worse and cause fungal and bacterial infections. Despite this well-known fact, 72 percent of women admit to never washing their makeup brushes. Yikes! But don’t worry, it’s easy when you know how. Express.co.uk chatted to celerity MUA and beauty expert Bryony Blake to find how to clean your makeup brushes.

Should I use makeup brushes?

You may have seen Bryony on your TV screen, revealing her top beauty tips on This Morning.

Bryony reckons makeup brushes are the key to flawless makeup application, and who better to believe than her?

She said: “I definitely think using make up brushes helps with makeup application especially when it comes to eye shadows and eyeliners.

“Using Brushes really does help your makeup last and look flawless.”

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How often do you need to clean your brushes?

Makeup artists clean their brushes after every client, but we don’t need to do this at home.

Bryony said: “I would say you need to clean your brushes once a month.

“If you have problems skin, acne prone or break outs then I would say after every use or at least once a week.

“This will prevent any further infections or irritation.”

What products should I use to clean makeup products?

The good news is, you don’t have to splash the cash to clean your brushes.

There is no fancy miracle product, all you need is some shampoo or soap.

Bryony said: “When it comes to cleaning your make up brushes you can absolutely use products that you already have at home.

“For brushes that you use powder products with just use a normal everyday shampoo.

“For brushes that you use foundation, concealer and other creamy based products I would use a bar of soap.

“I find this really gets into the dirt and removes it easily from the hairs.”

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How to clean makeup brushes

Step one

Wet the head of your brush under warm running water.

Step two

Lather the brush up with either shampoo or soap.

Really massage the product through the bristles of the brush.

Step three

Rinse the head of the brush under warm running water until it runs clear.

Step four

Gently squeeze the head of the brush so all water is out, then lay it flat on a towel to dry.

Take note – it’s important to lay your brushes flat.

If you don’t, the water will seep into the brush handle and loosen the glue.

This will damage the brush and cause it to fall apart, and you don’t want to buy new brushes because they are expensive.

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