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I’m skinny shamed for being flat-chested but won’t stop wearing sexy tops

Oct 20, 2022

A woman considered a boob job after being trolled over her flat chest – but has since embraced her slender figure.

Clara Dao started taking weight gain supplements when bullies branded her “anorexic”, “skinny” and a “twig”.

She also wore padded push-up bras, which only made her feel more self conscious.

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The 24-year-old, from Toronto, Canada, told Fabulous : “I kept waiting for my breasts to come, but they never came.

“I was so different for a long time, I thought there was something wrong with me.

“All the boys knew me as the flat-chested girl and I couldn’t win – they would tease me for wearing padded push-up bras but if I didn’t wear a bra, they would tease me for being flat.

“I felt like I was ugly and I was lacking something.”

Clara's turning point came when she turned 18.

After looking at pictures of curvy women every day, she started researching into plastic surgery to take her from an A-cup to a B-cup.

But the potential risks put her off – so she decided to embrace her figure instead.

Clara became a body positive influencer by sharing her experiences on YouTube.

She now inspires her followers to love the skin they're in – and isn't afraid to dress sexily.

Last month, Clara told her 155,000 Instagram followers: "I haven’t worn a bra in four years and never looked back!

"I used to wear padded/wired/push up bras whenever I went out and it was sooo uncomfortable.

"I honestly think we all look better without all the extra padding!

"Giving up bras was one of the best things I did for my confidence.

"It helped me to truly learn to accept and love the look and feel of my flat chest.

"And yes… people do stare sometimes but honestly I’m done with caring about what other people think more than doing what really feels good to me.

"Do whatever makes you happy and feel best in."


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