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Inside Coleen Nolans relationship with new boyfriend Michael Jones including Tinder date

Jan 17, 2022

Loose Women panelist Coleen Nolan has introduced her new boyfriend Michael Jones and revealed how the pair met on app Tinder.

The 56 year old TV personality, who recently opened up on spending Christmas Day with her exes for her children, has exclusively introduced her boyfriend Michael to the world with OK! and has given a glimpse inside their blossoming romance.

Coleen is mum to Shane Jr, 33, and Jake, 29, with her first husband actor Shane Richie, 57, along with daughter Ciara, 21, who she shares with her ex-husband Ray Fensome.

And The Nolans singer Coleen revealed how the loved-up pair discuss marriage 'all the time' with Michael describing it as 'inevitable'.

So let's take a look inside their relationship…

How did Coleen and Michael meet?

Coleen and Michael met on dating app Tinder with Michael revealing how she 'swiped first' as the pair instantly 'matched'.

Michael, 57, who revealed that he recognised Coleen from The Nolans and Loose Women, said: "It was a bit of a dilemma. You think, “Am I just swiping because I recognise her?”

"So I had to think about it and do it for the right reasons – not even for one minute thinking she’d reply anyway. The surprising thing for me was that once I’d swiped we were a match straight away, which meant that she’d already liked me."

Coleen previously revealed how her fellow Loose Women panelist Brenda Edwards helped to set her up with her new man Michael.

The TV star described how the pair 'swapped phones' to find dates for each other before Brenda found Michael for Coleen.

“Well I kinda went 'ooh he’s nice' and she said 'yes, definitely swipe for him'," Coleen said.

How long have Coleen and Michael been together?

The couple met seven months ago but Coleen has revealed that she has pressed pause on the couple moving in together.

Asked about living together, mum-of-three Coleen said: "Not yet. Sometimes I think we should and an hour later I’ll have palpitations and say, 'maybe not'."

What did Coleen first think about Michael?

The pair went for a date in a pub with Coleen revealing how the couple met at 5pm and were still chatting after 11pm.

Coleen described how the pair had an 'instant connection' and revealed: "I knew I really liked him. The kids had been texting me saying, “Are you still alive?” So when I got back I told them, “I really, really like him.”

What does Michael do?

Michael works in logistics for a supermarket chain.

Has Michael been married before?

Michael has a 20 year old son named Nico from a previous relationship and his marriage ended when he was in his thirties.

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