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Inside Razor House: The $20 Million Modern California Mansion Of Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz

Dec 2, 2021

Singer Alicia Keys and record producer Swizz Beatz are an engaged couple in the music industry. The couple met when they were just teenagers kick-starting their careers; however, they didn’t start dating until 2008. The couple has been happily married since 2010 and has two sons. With a combined net worth of $150 million, they have made several big-time purchases over the years. In 2019, the couple bought a gorgeous mansion in California for $20 million, which became the most expensive oceanside sale for the year in the state. After carefully designing and crafting the home, people got a look inside their homes in 2021 after the interiors were changed.

Made with a modernist touch and an art-filled interior, the home is light and open, offering sweeping views from every direction. A house that the couple calls their Dreamland, let’s look at the California mansion Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz purchased for $20 million.

The Ideal Oceanside Home

The home was erected in 2007 and designed by Wallace E. Cunningham. Located in the La Jolla neighborhood in California, the home is described as an architectural masterpiece. Tony Stark’s bachelor pad inspired the home’s design in Iron Man movies with open spaces and a luxurious landscape. The previous owner of the 10,653 sq. ft. property was Donald Burns, who had purchased the property in 2011 for $14.1 million.

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When Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz purchased the property, they collaborated with designer Kelly Behun to recreate the house of their dreams, as stated by People. After acquiring the home, the couple had to work around the pandemic restrictions and their hectic schedules to change the house. It took nine months and a hands-on approach by the couple to complete it finally.

It is nicknamed the Razor Home since its located close to a Razor Point Trail. The incredible home is perched on the cliffside, and nearly all the walls are made from glass, including a glass elevator. The multilevel home offers sweeping and scenic views from every direction and a sense of peace as soon as guests enter the beautiful abode.

A Home To Dream Freely

The home has four bedrooms, two of which are master suites, along with a big round living room with a fireplace, a fitness room, a library, a den, a theatre, two steam rooms, and a kitchen equipped with Miele, Hoshizaki, and Gaggeneau appliances. According to the LA Times, the home’s highlighted features are the customized billiards table and the floating staircase that connects to the lounge. Most of the floors are made from travertine stone, and the walls have warm colors.

Keys and Beatz believe that the circular form of the living room gives calming and peaceful vibes to people who step inside. As Beatz is a fan of clean lines, the house is well proportioned geometrically. Every detail in the home is curated with Cunningham’s previous work. As the home has an open layout, the interior combines with the exterior to give an expansive space to move around.

The busiest area around the house, is the formal dining area and family room, which are combined in the same space. It offers a way for the family to have dinners and lounge right after a meal. The space has a customized shagreen liquor cabinet and bar. Adjoining the room is an open kitchen as an option to dine outside. The Upper Level of the mansion is also designed with warm colors for the rugs and couches to reduce the industrial look and make it cozy, as stated by Daily Mail. The garage boasts an expensive array of cars like the Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari SF90, and a Ferrari LaFerrari.

An Art-Filled Manor

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Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz love art. They have been collectors of rare pieces of sculptures, paintings, and artifacts for several years. While showing their home to Architectural Digest, the couple gave a glimpse at their vast art collection. The combined Formal Dining Room/Family Room boasts a large Derek Adams painting that occupies an entire wall. The home has African art and a combination of different cultures harmonized with the interior. The house has the most extensive collection of Cordon Parks’ work, a detailed sculpture from Nick Cave, and a painting by Jordan Casteel.

The Lounge Area between the bedrooms has pieces from Radcliff Bailey, Julia Chang, and Henry Taylor that bring ancient cultures and modernity to the home. The Upper Level of the home also has Alicia Keys’ first-ever piano given to her by Columbia Records when they first signed her 16 years ago. The piano blends with the interior and Keys teaches her son Egypt how to play it.

Outside, the home has several lounge areas beginning with the rooftop with an entertainment spot with a kitchen. Hovering the cliff is a sublime infinity pool for a unique swimming experience. The courtyard comes with a fire pit, and the home has an additional 1,301 sq. ft. of a guesthouse with two bedrooms on the same premises.

The couple is known to throw lavish and legendary parties in the industry, and their new home is a calming and welcoming masterpiece where guests can enjoy, relax, and wind down. The home is built to inspire and love. Calling their home Dreamland, the couple is all-too-eager to open their doors to throw a bash for their family and friends.

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