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Inside the Royals Christmas lunch plans with seven tables – and why the kids have another room

Dec 25, 2022

Every family enjoys carrying out their unique festive traditions over the Christmas season, and the royals are no different. This year the royal family will celebrate Christmas at the Sandringham Estate, with senior family members joining King Charles III for his first Christmas as monarch.

Christmas at Sandringham is a big part of the royal tradition, with this year marking the first since Queen Elizabeth II passed away in September. The royal family's Christmas celebrations famously include a Christmas Eve gift exchange, a Christmas Day church service and a big Christmas lunch.

Mike Tindall, who has daughters Mia and Lena and son Lucas with Zara Tindall, previously shared a sneak peek into Christmas at Sandringham, chatting about his experiences on his podcast The Good, The Bad and The Rugby.

The former England rugby player revealed: “This is the family lunch, there were seven tables so there must have been about 70 of us there.”

The royal children are, of course, invited to the event, however they don’t sit with the adults, instead having their own room to enjoy their Christmas meal.

His co-stars James Haskell and Alex Payne joked about which of the seven tables Mike sat at, asking: "Do you find yourself upgrading every year and getting closer to the main table or are you off out the back?

"Is there a promotion and relegation based on the year's performance? Because if there is I imagine you're pretty much sitting on the right-hand side of Her Majesty."

Mike responded: “I was on Prince Charles's table, it was lovely."

Given that they have frequented more official royal outings this year and have received praise for their exemplary behaviour, Prince George, age nine, and Princess Charlotte, age seven, are expected to join the older members of the family at the adult table this year.

The Wales family, however, may deviate from the tradition of a prolonged stay in Sandringham this Christmas in favour of spending more time with Princess Kate's family.

Speaking to OK! royal journalist Jennie Bond said, "I think the King’s Christmas plans might be up in the air a bit.

"The younger royals will probably want to spend time with their own families, so I think the two or three day celebrations of the past may, indeed, be a thing of the past.

"While I imagine there will be a gathering at Sandringham, whether it will be quite as extended as it used to be with the Queen, and with quite as many people, I’m not sure.

"Without the linchpin of the Queen holding together an often fractured family, they may suddenly decide to do their own thing," Jennie continued.

This year King Charles will make history with his first Christmas day speech. He will be the first male monarch ever to address the nation on TV on Christmas Day, with a recent poll suggesting 38 per cent of the population would be tuning in to watch.


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