DEAR DEIDRE: NEXT month I’m due to be married but I’m having huge doubts. We’ve had sex just a couple of times since our baby was born and that’s solely my choice.

Since becoming a mum, life has changed beyond all recognition for me – but my partner’s life seems just the same.

I’m only 26 but I’m tired all the time and have next to no interest in sex. My partner is 30. He doesn’t excite me at all any more and I just can’t be bothered these days.

I haven’t enjoyed the few times we’ve had sex in the six months of being a mum. We’ve had a few rows about sex and he always gets angry and walks away.

I love him and he is a great dad but I am struggling to cope and I’m not sure I want to get married to him.

DEIDRE SAYS: New mums often feel exhausted and overwhelmed like this.

With a wedding to cope with as well, it is no wonder you are stressed out and not in the mood to have sex.

Tell your partner you love him and need support – and that includes listening to you. Book a babysitter and go out together.

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