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Kate Beckinsale shows off a new blond bob

Jul 23, 2019

Kate Beckinsale is really loving her new character’s look.

The actress, 45, is currently shooting “Jolt,” a movie in which she stars as an angry bouncer who controls her rage by shocking herself with an electric vest. Besides the obvious wardrobe choices, the role calls for a short blond wig.

It seems that Beckinsale is obsessed with her new image as a blonde — the star has posted numerous images on her Instagram wearing the expertly blended piece on her hilarious Instagram, often fooling fans into thinking that she took the plunge with a huge chop and color change.

“Now you look very young. Pale skin and a blonde definitely looks good on you,” one person said. “Had to clock this again as you look like Deborah Harry back in the day. You look lovely,” another wrote. A third said, “Gorgeous brunette, blonde, redhead and bald I am sure.”

Despite the convincing hairpiece, the British star attended the Wimbledon men’s final earlier this month sporting her usual brunette hue — though it’s possible the star is simply testing out the bold blonde life before deciding to make it permanent.

It was wig-loving “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Rinna who summed it up best: “Kinda fun being a blonde isn’t it,” she said.

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