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Kate Middletons skincare routine helps anti-ageing process – tips

Sep 23, 2022

Kate Middleton's style tips revealed

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Catherine, the Princess of Wales, is known for her luscious brunette locks, her stunning wardrobe, and her skin. The Duchess has incredibly smooth-looking skin and there doesn’t seem to be a wrinkle in sight. Express.co.uk spoke to skincare experts about her likely routine for a youthful, glowing complexion. 

Diane Ackers, beauty expert for Doctors Formula Cosmeceuticals, said: “At 40 and looking more like 30, exfoliators and skin brightening ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol, and Hyaluronic acid would be an ideal choice for glow getting and skin smoothing results.

“With a young family and a royal schedule, we can bet Kate can survive on minimal sleep, so using active serums packed with antioxidants will help to keep her skin looking more youthful and combat the effects of daily pollution. For anyone with a daily commute, city living or those who love the great outdoors and don’t enjoy a peaceful nights sleep every evening, antioxidants are vital.

“The evenness in her skin tone and smooth texture could be achieved through daily applications of skin loving acids.

“Glycolic acid is the great skin smoother as it helps eliminate dead surface skin cells, but also assists in attracting and binding moisture in the skin, or resurfacing retinol which helps the skins natural anti-ageing process for a fresh-faced, luminous look. 

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“Last, but certainly not least, in Kate’s routine there is likely a source of collagen. Skin hydrating, plumping and lifting, collagen and elastin levels are rapidly depleting by the time we reach our forties, so using a daily moisturiser which assists in plumping up the volume and boost’s both hydration and moisturisation levels in the skin are critical.

Diane went on to say how the Duchess is likely to use daily moisturiser, which is an essential part of any person’s skincare routine. The expert said: “Kate definitely keeps the dreaded dehydration lines at bay by keeping her skin healthy, hydrated and moisturised.

“With her love of fitness, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kate works on her beauty from within to, and doesn’t just rely on topical skincare combined with regular facial treatments to keep her skin looking so healthy. By taking a collagen drink, supplements, or overall vitamin to boost both her skin and maintain her rosy, healthy glow too.

Diane also mentioned Kate’s make-up look, and how she is always able to apply foundation without it enhancing the appearance of her minimal lines and wrinkles.

She said: “The canvas beneath every great application of make-up can be affected by your genes, lifestyle and hormones.

“So Kate’s flawless complexion is likely boosted by a great skincare regime, yet like the rest of us, blips in the canvas will occur.

“Finding a great foundation which colour matches your skin tone is essential, so your skin never appears caked. For fresh faced skin, lighter textured foundations, tinted moisturisers, BB creams or primers which blur and create a smooth surface work the best.

“Kate’s ‘girl next door’ daytime look is created with minimal coverage, a hint of shadow and liner, and a rosy tinted lip. In the evening, the smoky eyes and deeper lip shades appear, always framed by precision brows. 

“It’s true the brows frame the face, so going to a professional every four to six weeks for brow tidy, tint and shape is best for brows.”

Saffron Hughes from FalseEyelashes.co.uk has also shared Kate’s likely beauty routine, which keeps her looking young.

The make-up expert said: “One of the biggest contributors to Kate’s youthful appearance is her dewy, glowing skin. Heavy powder can settle into fine lines on the face and exaggerate the appearance of wrinkles, so Kate opts for sheer, glowing foundation or tinted moisturiser as an alternative.

“This rule also applies to other face products, too. Liquid formulas for blush, bronzers can give that glowing-from-within appearance that Kate seems to carry so well.

“Applying a small amount of liquid highlighter with your fingertip to the high points of the cheekbones can give the face an even bigger lift.”

Saffron added that Kate’s “thick eyebrows carefully plucked to frame her face do a great job of giving her a more youthful appearance”.

“As we age, brows tend to get more sparse, so filling brows with a fine pencil can contribute to a more youthful appearance,” the beauty expert said.

“Fuller brows can also draw attention away from any under-eye creases or signs of ageing.”

Saffron concluded that “lastly, Kate’s make-up is classic and timeless”.

“Rather than following extravagant trends, Kate follows clear rules that compliment her oval face shape and skin texture. Make-up trends can come and go over time and adding unnecessary make-up can alter the appearance of age.”

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