Cavallari’s ex-BFF says she’s “still shocked” their friendship ended, but has no “desire to bring her back into my circle” either.

Kelly Henderson — former star of “Very Cavallari” and ex-best friend of its star Kristin Cavallari — is finally ready to “f–king call bullshit” on their feud, how it’s played out in the media and any insinuation she had anything to do with the reality star’s divorce from Jay Cutler.

The celebrity stylist said she experienced major backlash after the third and final season of the show aired. The beef between her and Kristin began when some of the show’s fans started speculating Henderson and Cutler were having an affair after seeing their interactions the previous season. Kristin herself said she never believed any of the talk, but was not thrilled with Henderson’s public reaction to the gossip, or lack thereof, in their off-time from filming.

“There really weren’t any rumors. It was a couple trolls on Instagram and a couple trolls on Twitter,” said Henderson in a new interview on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. She added that she didn’t shut down the talk because she felt doing so would only intensify it more and she hoped it would all just go away.

It didn’t.

Kristin Cavallari's Ex-BFF Breaks Silence on Rumors She Caused Star's Split with Jay Cutler

“Here’s what I think happened. Our season aired right after the Jordyn Woods-Khloe Kardashian scandal and our show came on right after that show,” she continued. “I think that was already in people’s heads, Jay and I were really close, but more in a brother-sister kind of way … some people decided they thought that was flirting. It wasn’t. There has never been anything even remotely close to that kind of stuff. It was frustrating for me.”

While they didn’t speak much between seasons — Henderson says Cavallari was filming another show, while she was dealing with personal issues that caused her to shut off from most of her friends — Cavallari let her know a week before filming began that “there was, in fact, a problem” between them because of the Cutler situation. Though Henderson said she tried to “make things right” between them, Cavallari felt she was only trying to save face to stay on the show.

“I was completely shocked,” she said of Kristin ending their friendship. “Completely. Honestly, can I tell you the truth? I still am. I still don’t understand. Like, I’m still shocked. I’m still shocked by some of the press stuff that I see her saying, like the whole thing it’s just shocking to me. I don’t understand it.”

“I tried over and over to get together and talk about it and that wasn’t happening. It was extremely frustrating,” she claimed. “I kept saying, can we sit down … finally I said, okay, fine we’ll get on the phone. It felt like from her side, she just wanted to text and email and I feel like stuff gets lost in translation that way. And to me, I’m like an eight year friendship is way bigger than a f–king email. Like, it just is, so let’s figure out what’s going on here. And like, if I’ve hurt you in some way, let me fix it. I am so sorry. That was never my intention. And I said all of these things, but again, that was not how it was portrayed on the show.”

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Henderson said she got “tons of hate” on social media when the episodes aired — and it only got worse when Cavallari and Cutler announced their divorce. The cheating rumors resurfaced, which Henderson said was both “devastating” and “awful.”

“The hate that I got on Instagram, that was terrible,” she said. “I had to get off social media for a second for my own mental well being. It was the first time I’ve really experienced trolls and hate.”

As she kept hoping everything would blow over, it didn’t.

“I literally was having to focus on like getting through my days and I was getting death threats,” she explained. “I was not trying to draw more attention to the situation than needed. Now I think I feel more like at ease, emotionally, to talk about it, but, and I actually wish that I didn’t have to, but it keeps being talked about. So I’m kinda like, yeah, I have to f–king call bullshit here. Like this is not okay. And like, I can’t just keep going about my life being trashed for something I did not do. And that is not true.”

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The situation was revived in September, when Cavallari told PEOPLE it was “really sad” Henderson didn’t check in on her when she announced her divorce. “I thought that maybe announcing the divorce and everything that [she would reach out], but no,” said Kristin at the time.

“There’s been some interviews that she’s done lately that have just been really frustrating to me,” Henderson said of the PEOPLE mention. “Just leave me alone at this point. I just want to move on with my life. I don’t really have any desire to bring her back into my circle.”

“Do you not remember what you said about me on national television? That was mind blowing to me,” she continued. “Also, the day you announced your divorce was one of the worst days of my life because of the stuff that was being said about me. Calling you … I don’t mean to be cold, but I was like, there was my call? It was so interesting to me she was shocked about that. Why would I call you after you drug me through the mud over nothing?”

Henderson went on to say she would have “nothing” to say to Kristin if they ran into each other, something which is very possible for the two Nashville residents. She also said she didn’t know whether she’s take her back as a friend right now.

“I don’t trust her at this point,” she said. “If we could have a conversation and talk through what happened and why and I had some better understanding, I don’t know. I mean, I actually don’t want to live in a place of being angry. I’m still pretty angry.”

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