Anything to avoid a tantrum! Hilarious snaps reveal the inexplicable things children do when you let them get their own way

  • Bored Panda shared posts from around the world of kids doing bizarre things 
  • One parent photographed their daughter sitting upside down at a restaurant
  • Another snapped their son holding hands with a mannequin in a shop 

As any parent knows, you have to pick your battles, and sometimes it’s worth allowing slightly quirky behaviour to pass you by without comment to avoid tears and tantrums. 

Now Bored Panda has rounded up photos from around the world of ‘kid logic’ that makes no sense to adults. 

Among the amusing images is a parent who found their son holding hands with a mannequin after they got separated in a discount store, and another who captured the moment their daughter flipped herself upside down during dinner at a restaurant. 

Elsewhere, a man photographed his son wearing a pair of jeans as a Halloween costume.  

At least she’s not playing with her food! Bored Panda rounded up a selection of funny viral images of children doing bizarre things – including a girl who flipped herself upside down during dinner at a nice restaurant 

Sitting uncomfortably: One mother decided not to disturb her son who appeared to be comfortable holding his body weight in the air with his legs on a stool

Can you find my mom? Another parent who lives in the US, said they found their son holding hands with a mannequin after getting separated in a discount store 

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Night of the living dress! A mother who went shopping with her toddler was amused when the child decided to turn trying on clothes into a game

A man who lives in America, took to Twitter explaining his son had insisted on dressing up as ‘pants’ for Halloween 

Family fright! Another person revealed their two-and-a-half-year-old niece insists on wearing a terrifying mask when holding her new baby brother 

Who needs a bed? A parent was stunned by their daughter’s imagination, after she used chalk to draw a pillow and lay down on the pavement for a nap 

Cuddles! One person witnessed the love their two-year-old cousin has for a skeleton and took a photograph of her cuddling the object 

Another parent said their toddler ‘screamed’ for them to keep putting more plastic balls in her shirt 

Ready for war! A four-year-old amused her parents when she decided to put on protective headgear after seeing something scary on her tablet 

One parent said they have six beds but their children prefer to sleep like the grandparents in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory every night 

Another individual said they broke up a fight between two children who were arguing about their imaginary dog escaping 

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