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Lamborghini driver arrives at police station to reclaim car – but makes blunder

Jul 5, 2019

A Lamborghini driver who arrived at a police station to reclaim their other car ended up having that vehicle seized too as they didn't have insurance.

The unnamed driver had previously had their car taken away by police after they were found not be insured on it.

And when the driver turned up in a bright yellow Lamborghini at the police station to collect it they caught the eye of officers for all the wrong reasons.

It emerged that the Lamborghini they arrived in wasn't covered by the insurance policy either – and it is now also in the possession of Greater Manchester Police, reports Manchester Evening News .

According to the GMP Traffic Twitter account, the driver ended up leaving Eccles police station without either set of wheels earlier today.

GMP tweeted: "If you're going to turn up at the police station to reclaim your previously seized vehicle for no insurance, it might be worth checking that the car you turn up in is covered on your policy first.

"This lambo is now on its way to join his other car. Driver reported."

GMP appears to have accumulated quite the collection of supercars in the past few days.

This is third time they have seized a Lamborghini in recent weeks.

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