Wes Nelson proved late last year that he’s more than just a reality TV heartthrob – he’s got a mind for business as well. On Sunday, half a year after announcing that he’d become a millionaire at 21, the former Love Island star put his money where his mouth is by purchasing a flashy $229 million Mercedes.

How’d he become so affluent at such a young age you ask? Dedication and tactful investments.

“I was a millionaire by the age of 21,” Nelson explains to The Sun, “And that’s not being a show off or anything, but it’s wise investments and understanding this life doesn’t last forever.”

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Unlike most investors who spend thousands on college courses and seminars, Nelson found an alternative way to gaining his business prowess – by listening to podcasts.

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“Every time I went to a PA, instead of listening to music, I’d be listening to podcasts on property”

He goes on to hint at the abundance of properties within his name, while keeping the actual amount hush-hush.

Though his stint on Love Island has ended, Nelson didn’t become a stranger to the world of competitive television. He’s also appeared on Dancing on Ice and X Factor: Celebrity.

“I’ve been lucky to have so many shows under my belt,” the new millionaire goes on to tell The Sun, “and I’m super grateful for that.”

Nelson didn’t stop at TV, though. He’s recently had his eyes set on becoming a recording artist. Recently, he signed a major record deal with EMI Records, producers of such artists as Queen, Snoop Dogg, and David Bowie. While specific details of this endeavour are yet to be disclosed, he plans to make music with an out of the box sound.

“My niche is I can switch a lot of things up in my songs so everyone that listens to it says ‘you sound like three different people.”

Seeing as the star was a nuclear systems design engineer before his big shot on Love Island, it’s clear to see that Wes has certainly changed his life completely for the better. Because of his savvy business ventures and presence in pop culture, he continues to live it up!

“I have a passive income and generational wealth, so my children, whenever they come about, they’re not going to have to work again.”

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