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Magners Irish Cider introduces its very own Rosé and it’s perfect for summer

Jun 25, 2019

“We look forward to becoming your ‘new crush’ this summer”

Duncan Frew

Duncan Frew, Commercial and Marketing Director at C&C, said: “The introduction of Magners Rosé will certainly pique the interest of consumers across the UK.

“Tapping into the global trend for pink gin and rosé wine, its light blush colour, eye-catching POS and bespoke glassware is sure to stand out both behind the bar and in hand.

“With the growth of rosé cider elsewhere around the world, we’re confident that this delicious tasting Magners Rosé, will hold the same appeal.

“We look forward to becoming your ‘new crush’ this summer.”

Meanwhile, Aldi is selling cans of fruit cider for 99p.

The supermarket is flogging Alska premium cider cans for less than a pound.

It comes in two flavours – rhubarb and pink grapefruit or peach, mango and lime.

Each 330ml drink has an ABV of 4% and it’s suitable for vegans.

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