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Major supermarket is doing 5p off a litre of fuel at petrol pumps – but you only have days to claim it | The Sun

Jan 5, 2023

A MAJOR supermarket is cutting 5p off a litre of fuel – but you'll have to be quick.

Morrisons has announced that from today, January 5, shoppers will be able to get the discount at the pumps.

Any customer that spends £35 or more in-store can claim a 5p a litre money off coupon.

The offer is open to all customers who spend the cash in-store between today and Sunday, January 15.

But customers have until January 22 to redeem their money-off voucher.

Customers are able to redeem the coupons at all 339 Morrisons petrol stations across the UK.


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According to the latest PetrolPrices figures, the average price of petrol was 149.9p last week, and for diesel, it was 179.9p.

The price of unleaded petrol peaked at a record high of 191.53p in July and has slowly fallen back down.

Meanwhile, diesel is down from 199.07p in July.

But these are average prices and what you pay depends on the station you head to.

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Rachel Eyre, chief customer and marketing officer at Morrisons, said: "January is always a financial squeeze after the expense of Christmas and this year we know the cost of living continues to impact customers’ pockets too.

"Our fuel offer aims to help budgets go a little further by providing a saving on one of the biggest expenses people across the UK are facing.”

Customers will get the 5p off fuel voucher by spending £35 at Morrisons, but only when buying certain products.

The items excluded from the offer include:

  • Fuel
  • Tobacco
  • Lottery products
  • Morrisons Café
  • Gift Vouchers and Cards.
  • Infant/formula milk
  • Cash back
  • Dry cleaning
  • Fireworks
  • Online games and instant tickets
  • Photo printing
  • Saver stamps
  • Postage stamps
  • ‘Top-Up’ mobile phone cards
  • Delivery charges/pass
  • Garden centre
  • Pharmacy

The coupons will not be valid at franchised Morrisons Daily petrol stations.

The exact amount that Morrisons charges for its fuel will vary by location so do check yours before you fill up.

You can find your nearest filling station by using the locator tool on its website.

It's not the first time Morrisons has offered customers money off their fuel for spending cash in-store.

The supermarket originally offered 5p off a litre of fuel back in September 2022.

That offer had a £40 minimum spend so the one announced today means you don't have to spend as much.

The move comes as the RAC had previously called on supermarkets to pass falling petrol prices onto consumers.

Last month, Asda slashed its prices by an average of 4.5p off for petrol and around 5.5p off for diesel.

How does the Morrisons discount work?

Customers will receive a coupon offering them 5p off their next litre of fuel after spending £35 in-store.

You won't get the coupon if you shop online though.

Plus, you'll only get one coupon per customer for each £35 shop.

To claim your fuel discount, you just have to present the coupon at the petrol station kiosk when you go to pay.

But you should make sure to take care of the voucher as copied, damaged and defaced ones will not be accepted.

Morrisons has listed its full terms and conditions on its website.

How to check fuel prices near me

The easiest way to find the cheapest forecourt in your area for fuel is by using price comparison sites.

Websites like Petrolprices.com will list the cheapest filling stations in your area.

You need to register with the site, enter your postcode and tell it how far you're willing to travel for fuel (up to 20 miles) and what fuel type you're after.

There are other websites you can use too.

Fleet News and Allstar also let you check petrol prices across the counties so you can see how your region compares to the UK average.

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Comparison website Confused.com also has a petrol prices checker that lets registered users find petrol prices within a five, ten or 25 mile radius.

Petrolprices.com is useful, but it does only give you limited amounts of searches each day, whereas Confused.com doesn't.

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