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Man models ex-fiancée’s wedding dress in attempt to sell it

Jun 11, 2021

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Sometimes you’ve got to do a little more to snag that sale.

No one probably knows this more than self-proclaimed “bro” Morgan. The 29-year-old recently gave TikTokers a laugh when he shared a video that chronicled the unconventional way he tried to sell a wedding dress.

“Me remembering when I was trying to sell my Ex’s wedding dress,” he captioned his brief clip, which shows him cringing in a dark room.

The video goes on to display screenshots of the sheath-style gown he listed for $500. A buyer named Sarah inquired about the gown and asked if there were any photos available that demonstrate what it looks like when it’s on someone.

“Do you have any photos of this on a person? Or do you know the designer and style so I can look it up?” Sarah’s message reads. I love it and it’s in my budget but I’m having trouble visualizing what it looks like on.”

Instead of combing through photos, recruiting a fashion model or dress form, Morgan offered to try on the dress so Sarah can see how it fits. Though, he did warn her that he’s “a guy with muscles and a ton of tattoos,” so he wasn’t sure it’d have the same effect as she was hoping for.

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Sarah didn’t decline the offer and Morgan went on to snap a few photos of himself in the lacey, white slit-front dress.

“I did what had to be done,” Morgan joked in a red-highlighted caption.

While the gown didn’t close all the way at the back, it did make it around his torso and nearly reached his shoulders.

The dress also had two store tags that were clearly visible on its right arm, hinting that it had never been worn to an event. Despite its pristine condition, it turns out that Sarah was no longer interested in the dress after viewing the photos Morgan sent.

Morgan did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment, but he did clarify this detail for commenters who asked why he didn’t share pictures from his wedding.

“I would need to have a wedding for there to be wedding pics,” he explained.

Others tried asking why he couldn’t find a woman who could try the dress on, but some TikTok users noted that it’s not an easy request to get done in a pinch.

“’If you’d rather someone else try it on’ so she thought you could find some girl willing to try it on and take photos for a random stranger,” one user commented.

Since sharing his video on Monday, Morgan’s viral post has been viewed more than 329,900 times and has racked up more than 74,500 likes.

It’s not clear if he’s managed to sell the dress since its climb to viral fame. The gown was still sitting in his closet when he first uploaded the video, according to a comment he left.

On Wednesday, Morgan revealed his ex-fiancée had also left a second white dress behind, which he modeled in a live video.

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