Stomach-churning footage shows how man used a year’s worth of toenail clippings to make an engagement ring (but WHO on earth would say yes?)

  • An unnamed man, from Japan, has revealed how he made his  engagement ring
  • Kept his nail clippings for a year before blending them together to make powder
  • Mixed with water to create a clay-line substance he moulded into a black stone
  • Social media users were revolted by the video, with some calling it ‘disgusting’ 

A man who saved his finger nail clippings for a year to turn them into an engagement ring has left social media users reeling in disgust. 

The unnamed man, from Japan, shared the process of creating the engagement ring on YouTube channel Kiwami Japan, which went on to be shared on Twitter by SCMP News.

In the video, he explained that he collected his fingernail clippings for 365 days and filmed the process of them being turned into a piece of jewellery.

Social media users were revolted, with some calling it ‘disgusting’, and one posting: ‘When he is tightening the bolt and the finger nail juice squirted out, I started to retch.’

The unnamed man, who has a YouTube channel Kiwami Japan, shared the process of creating an engagement ring from his finger nails 

The YouTuber created the black dull ‘diamond’ from his nails by blending them to a powder and combining it with water 

In the YouTube video, he can be seen clipping his finger nails before blending, and grinding the substance down into a fine powder 

He the combined the powder with water in a pan, before cooking it for 90 minutes, turning it into a paste 

In a YouTube video entitled ‘Engagement ring made from human nails’, Kiwami was seen clipping his nails before collecting them in a blender.

After blending the nails, he went on to grind them into a very fine powder, before mixing it with water in a pan.

He then compressed the substance, and squeezed out any excess liquid until he was left with a small amount of powder.

The man then compressed the powder inside a bolt once again, before placing it in the oven for 90 minutes. 

He then compressed the substance, and squeezed out any excess liquid in a moment that social media users said ‘revolted’ them 

As he compressed the substance, liquid could be seen oozing out of the bolt, with some suggesting the moment made them ‘retch’ 

From there, he revealed the powder had transformed into a black sticky clay-like substance. 

The man then went on to press the clay-like substance into a diamond shape mould, creating a silver ring, which he had also made himself. 

Once the ring was complete, he placed the dull, black stone, which had no resemblance to fingernails, in place.  

Once he had compressed the nail clippings twice, he was left with a small black substance which he then moulded into the shape of a jewel 

One completed, nobody could have suspected that the original origin of the jewel was, in fact, nail clippings 

SCMP News’ video has been watched over 200,000 times and had hundreds of likes and shares.  

Many people were shocked and disgusted the news, with one commenting: ‘That’s just flat out gross.’ 

Another commented: ‘I believe I’m not the only one feeling disgusting.’ 

Social media users were left disgusted by the video, with one commenting: ‘That is just flat out gross’ 

One added: ‘I hope he cleaned out the grinder before reusing it for his coffee beans.”He’s using kitchen implements for several stages of this,’ one added, ‘It makes me want to throw up.’

They added: ‘I would never accept a dinner invitation from this man.’  

One commented: ‘Humanity was a mistake.’  


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