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Man spends £12,500 in a bid to make himself 'as inhuman as possible'

Jan 7, 2022

Man spends £12,500 on extreme body modification including dyeing his eyeballs, splitting his tongue and tattooing his face to look like a JIGSAW in bid to ‘look as inhuman as possible’

  • German Instagram users only known as ‘Black Depression’ has a peculiar look
  • He spent £12,500 on tattoos and piercings to make himself look ‘inhuman’ 
  • Body modification enthusiast had eyes and face tattooed and tongue split in two 
  • His teeth were also crowned in titanium and his nose and chin were pierced 

A man who wants to look as ‘inhuman as possible’ has spent the equivalent of £12,500 on tattoos and body modification. 

The extreme body modification artist, 28, from the Ore Mountains, in Germany, known only by his Instagram handle ‘Black Depression’ has tattooed his face to look like a jigsaw puzzle, had chunks of ear cartilage removed, ears and nose pierced, and stretched and dyed his eyeballs.

The artist has also had both rows of his teeth crowned in titanium, as well as his tongue split.

A German Instagram user known only as ‘Black Depression’ has revealed he’s spent £12.500 on modifying his appearance to make himself ‘as inhumane as possible’ 

The white of the influencer’s eyes have been inked with black, giving him a haunting gaze, pictured

The Instagram user had part of his ears removed to create a more alien shape at the tip

The 28-year-old has even split his tongue in too to make it look like a snake’s tongue and crowned his teeth in titanium

The body modification enthusiast has a following of 6366 on Instagram, where he documents the procedures he puts his body through

‘Body modification has fascinated me for many years. I can do my individual thing, not the same as what others do,” he said. 

‘I can create and change my body as I would like it to be. I don’t follow a trend like many other people. 

‘Over the years I developed my own trend, which nobody else wears.

Black Depression said he performed some modifications procedures on himself, on top of visiting other specialists of the genre 

The Instagram user prides himself in his individuality, saying he doesn’t follow a trend like others but that he has set a trend for himself 

The 28-year-old artist’s  eye while it was in the process of being inked black. In total, Black Depression has spent £12,500 on procedures 

‘I go to different body mod artists around the world, and I also perform some procedures on myself.’

Black Depression first began his journey when he was 20 years old, opting for a tongue splitting procedure.

He said: ‘I started body modification at the age of 20.

‘My first procedure was to split my tongue. Then half of my auricle [visible portion of external ear] was amputated on both sides.’

On top of inking the white of his eyes black, the Instagram users sometimes all uses colourful eyes lenses 

Chilling. The body modification enthusiast has spent £12.500 on changing his appearance, but is still not satisfied

The artist has gathered several fans of his peculiar look on Instagram, where some women are calling it ‘hot’

With his tattoos and piercings, Black Depression also wears ear expanders to made the piercings on his earlobes bigger 

However, the German native isn’t yet fully satisfied with his modified look and is planning on doing even more extreme body modifications in the near future.

Social media users are in awe of Black Depression’s puzzling tattoos.

‘So hot and cool!,’ commented someone on a recent Instagram post.

The fan of extreme modifications had the white of  his eyes inked black to take his look even further 

Black Depression loves to share steps of his transformation on social media, left, and walks with his head held high, right 

‘…so sexy, Mann!,’ added another user. [sic]

‘Nice,’ wrote someone else.

Others were left speechless, simply using emojis such as the fire or heart with eyes emojis to convey their feelings. 

The influencer’s is in a relationship with a woman who is a fellow body modification enthusiast and had her tongue split like his. 

In the UK, the courts still have to rule on whether extreme body modification – such as tongue splitting – is legal.  

With his black and eye shining teeth, Black depression has intrigued people on social media and divided opinions 

The Instagram user takes proud in his unusual appearance and spent years completing his face tattoo

The 28-year-old has a partner who is also a body modification enthusiast and split her tongue like he did his 

The artist is not yet satisfied with how he looks and plans to have more  body modification procedures in the future 

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