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Man suffers epic sunburn fail after wife’s minimal efforts to rub lotion on back

Jun 17, 2021

When the sun's blazing, it's important to have SPF nearby for safety reasons.

And usually when you're out in heat, trying to rub lotion on your back can be a difficult job to do.

So generally you get the person you're with to smother it so your behind can stay safe from the sun.

Well when one man asked his wife to do his, let's just say it didn't look like she had his back at all.

Posting on Reddit, a man under the handle u/Leeroy_D, shared a photo of his wife's attempt at putting sun lotion on.

He wrote: "My wife helped me sunscreen my back at [the] beach today (TWICE)."

The photo makes you feel hot just looking at it. Don't you think?

In the snap, which has received 76,000 upvotes and 3,100 comments, the man can be seen with zig-zag marks of a poor burn.

His wife might have just lathered the lotion on his back in one line rather than smother his whole body with it.

Reddit users were equally horrified by the man's sunburn with one joking: "Does she have a hook hand, perhaps?"

Another added: "She definitely doesn't have your back."

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A third Reddit user claimed: "She is clearly only interested in minimal effort methods."

While a fourth social media user cleverly pointed out: "Proof that sunscreen works."

And a fifth suggested: "Either she hates you or she's mad at you."

It's important for adults and children to apply sunscreen in the UK and abroad to avoid risk of skin cancer.

According to the NHS, sunburn increases your risk of the cancer.

It doesn't just happen while on holiday, it is possible to burn in the UK even when it's a cloudy day.

The website states to spend time in the shade between 11am and 3pm.

Also it says to use at least factor 30 sunscreen to remain safe on the scorching hot days.

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