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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Put Feud Rumors to Rest: Their Wimbledon Body Language Explained

Jul 14, 2019

Is the Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton feud finally over? Body language experts have been analyzing the two duchesses’ interaction at today’s Wimbledon tournament, where they appeared happy and at ease, without even a hint of tension between them.

Duchesses seemed friendly at the tennis match

Middleton and Markle, along with Middleton’s sister Pippa, were on hand to watch Serena Williams face off against Romania’s Simona Halep in the Ladies Single Final.

Naturally, all eyes were on the duchesses to see if they were on friendly terms, looking for any sign of a stressful relationship — and ending up pleasantly surprised to see them getting along like old friends.

Halep, who won the match, said of having Middleton and Markle watching, “It was an extra boost when I saw them there, the royal family. You know, winning in this position, it’s very nice, it’s unforgettable.”

The duchesses’ body language revealed that everything is good

Body language expert Blanca Cobb shed some light on what exactly transpired between the two duchesses.

Cobb confirmed that “there was no evidence of a feud at the event,” telling Cosmopolitan that “Meghan and Kate were enjoying each other’s company.”

Cobb further shared that they’re “enjoying themoment” at the tournament, noting that “Kate is tilting her shoulderdownwards as if to get closer to Meghan, which shows interest in what someonehas to say. They both also have genuine smiles, as indicated by the crinklingof the eyes, that you can see their top teeth, and that their cheek muscles arepushed up.”

In particular, Cobb noted that in one picture, “Meghan’s head is tilted a little bit to the right and Kate’s head is tilted a little bit to the left, and when you lean towards something, you lean towards something you like. It’s subconscious when this happens, so what that tells us is that there’s a level of comfort between them and even though they’re not talking, they’re still enjoying each other’s company.”

In another photo taken at Wimbledon, Cobb shared that they “lean towards each other” and have “genuine smiles on their faces.” Additionally, she noted, “I’m also seeing that there’s nothing tense in their body-language — their hands and finger are relaxed — which suggests that there’s no tension between them.”


They were spotted at a recent polo match

The Wimbledon appearance comes on the heels of Markle and Middleton hanging out together with their kids when they cheered on their husbands at a charity polo match.

Again, the two ladies who are always famously feuding appeared at ease and happy, but royal biographer Duncan Larcombe believes the appearance was an “orchestrated front.”

During an interview with Nine News Australia, host Belinda Russell noted that it appeared there was no feud between the duchesses, with Larcombe explaining: “Isn’t that what we’re supposed to think after today?”

He continued: “It was carefully orchestrated — there are always photographers at these polo matches. They all looked very happy today, so it’s against the backdrop of the rift, of course… I think that they might not be the best of buddies. But you’ve got to take a lot with a pinch of salt… I think they’ll be rather pleased with those pictures.”

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