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Model on creepiest fans – like stalker who filmed himself ‘annihilating tree’

Jan 11, 2022

An OnlyFans model has shared her story of a creepy stalker who once sent her a video of himself “attacking” a palm tree.

Romi Chase was once an English teacher in Poland, but ditched her 9-5 job to move to the US, where she began modelling on subscription site OnlyFans.

In a previous interview, Romi has revealed that she earned $1 million (about £720,000) on the site in the space of only 16 months.

Now, speaking to porn star Lisa Ann on her ‘Dudes Do Better’ podcast, the model opened up about some of the strange people she had interacted with since her unusual career change.

“There was one guy, it’s a crazy story,” she began.

“Originally he messaged me on Twitter and he sent me a d*** pick or something, and for some reason I didn’t block him. Then he sent me another one.

“And I was having a really rough day, and I kind of went off on him. I basically just sent him a puke face emoji, nothing crazy, and then I blocked him.

“And then a week later, I noticed I’m getting emails from somebody, and then I’m getting Instagram messages from somebody, and then somebody is spamming my backup.”

Romi explained that she didn’t initially realise that the same person was the source of the weird messages she had been receiving, but this quickly changed when she noticed that the names of the accounts were similar.

“Then it went further, he started posting videos on Instagram of himself bumping into a palm tree as if he’s attacking the palm tree,” she continued.

“And the palm tree was me, so he was trying to annihilate me, and show me how he would destroy me.”

Unsurprisingly, Romi decided it was time to block her weird fan, and when the messages started to escalate into threats, she called the police.

And this wasn’t Romi’s only unusual experience with men online. Before the model had found success on OnlyFans, and while waiting for her US green card, Romi explained that she had done a lot of “gigs for cash”.

“It was mostly fetish wrestling,” she remembered. “So I wrestled scrawny dudes for money.”

“The guy who initially hired me told me that it was some kind of documentary thing… I showed up, and he had me wrestle some very small guy, like 100 pounds, maybe five feet tall.

“It didn’t matter at that time, I needed money.”

And, Romi even admitted that her curvy figure had won her far more admirers in the US than in Poland, noting: “At some point I was like, I’m getting a lot of attention here in the States because I’m thick and busty, which wasn't the thing back in Poland.”

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