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Modern day witch teaches Brits how to revamp lives – just by making a cup of tea

May 11, 2023

The power lies within you – or at least within the way you stir your tea.

At least that's what Witch-Tok star Joy Thompson believes.

The social media creator, 22, from East London, is known for helping people to transform their lives in simple ways.

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Joy, AKA pillaroflighttarot on TikTok, boasts over 290,000 followers on the platform where she teaches people about manifestation.

Even though she said she's not sure if she would completely classify herself as a witch, she borrows elements of different belief systems like wicca rituals and the Hindu faith to assist her work.

Her beliefs don't embody a specific label and instead she works with energy, spiritual guides and her own intuition.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, she said: "I work more with energy as opposed to traditional spells, wands and traditional rituals.

"I don't believe I possess any powers that other people don't also have access to in their own lives.

"I believe that anyone can use energy to manifest what they want into existence – it's up to each individual to use that intention!"

In fact, she thinks people can even use tea to manifest their lives.

She uses a borrowed witch ritual to show people how they can take control of things while enjoying a humble cuppa.

"I like this easy one where you stir your tea clockwise, visualise and verbalise what you are trying to manifest into fruition," she explained.

"If there is something that you want to manifest out of your life, then stir anti-clockwise!

"It's a super easy manifestation/ritual that is so quick and accessible to any one."

What's more is she said there are so many different ways you can manifest your own life.

Joy said the best way to approach a technique is by going for what resonates with you the most.

Her methods are quite simple – and she thinks people should just give it a try if they want to take power into their own hands.

She said: "For daily practises, I would recommend scripting, which is where are you write down what it is you're trying to manifest as if you have already received it and you are writing about how happy you are to have this in your life and how grateful you are to have manifested this.

"For example, if you are manifesting purchasing a new car from the likes of heycar, you could write about how excited you are to take it to different places, how the interior looks and feels and how grateful you are to now travel in style etc.

"Scripting can be a few sentence is or it can be pages long.

"It's up to you to decide how much detail you want to go into, but the idea is just to get your energy in the right vibration to receive what you're trying to manifest!"


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