Savvy mother demonstrates how ‘amazing’ £1 stain remover Ace eliminates stains from white school shirts in SECONDS – as she tests the product using pen, mud and stubborn sauce

  • Sherice Crosby, from Edinburgh, shared ‘brilliant’ cleaning hack on Facebook 
  • Spilled food and scribbled on son’s school shirts before using the stain remover 
  • £1 product from B&M cleared all stains in seconds and was hailed ‘amazing’ 

A mother has revealed how she made her son’s stained school shirts look as good as new within seconds, thanks to a £1 cleaning product from B&M. 

Sherice Crosby, from Edinburgh, took to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to share two videos of her using stain remover Ace for Whites Laundry Bleach, after intentionally marking her son’s school shirts with a variety of products. 

The mother soiled the clothes with felt tip pen, mud and food before removing each of the stains in seconds, simply by adding a small amount of the product and rubbing it with her fingers. 

Facebook users were impressed with the results, with one branding the stain remover ‘brilliant’ while another revealed she had saved a  fortune on not buying new school shirts. 

Sherice Crosby, from Edinburgh shared two videos of her proving the effectiveness of her stain remover. Pictured, her son’s school shirt before and after using the cleaning product

Ace for Whites Laundry Bleach (pictured) is available for £1 at B&M, Wilko at £1.40 and from Amazon at £4.65

Sharing the post, the mother wrote: ‘£1! Saves all your school shirts. 

‘This is a couple of pounds in supermarkets but only £1 in home bargains b&m and poundstretcher. 

‘Goes without saying this is ace for whites it will take colour out anything else. Smells strong (which I personally love) but I double wash due to sons eczema and there’s no scent of it left.’

She continued: ‘My little boys’ school shirts are the only whites worn in my house (bar a vest or so of mine) and the stains are set in until the end of the week – and I’m yet to get any stains that don’t budge. Literally gets everything out school shirts.’ 

The post sparked thousands of comments, with one woman agreeing: ‘I’ve used this for years it’s brilliant.’

Facebook users were impressed with the results, with one insisting the stain remover is the ‘brilliant’ while another insisted she had saved a fortune on not buying new school shirts

Another said: ‘I always used this best thing I found save lots money to! not buying new school tops all time.’ 

A third wrote: ‘Brilliant, first time using it today. My teenage daughter turned school shirts grey after washing with her black school jumper. The shirts are white again.’ 

The product is also available from Wilko at £1.40 and from Amazon at £4.65.  

Amazon advises customers not to use it together with other products, while ACE for White advise to wash your clothes with your usual detergent, after hand-washing with the stain remover. 

 More users praised the product, with one hailing it: ‘Amazing, thanks for sharing.’ 

Another agreed: ‘I love this stuff’, while a third commented: ‘The only thing I use for school t shirts love the stuff’. 

The mother took to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to rave about the product 

The mother also shared a video showing the remover get rid of food and mud from the shirt

Other users questioned whether the product works on old stains and whether it can be used in the washing machine. 

One quizzed: ‘Will this work on old stains as my son’s shirts I can never keep white?

Another user confirmed: ‘Yes, it worked in my son’s old stains. I just dabbed some on the stain left for 30 minutes then put in the machine and added more Ace in the drawer. 

‘They have come out like new. I add ace into all pure white washes now.’ 

 Another queried: ‘Thanks for sharing!! Can you also put it in the washing machine, to go through the whole wash?’  

‘Yes you can I use it in my washing machine on my husband’s chef whites’, confirmed another user.   

It took just seconds of rubbing to completely eliminate the stain leaving the school shirt pristine 

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