• Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Mrs Hinch hits back at idiot troll who told her shes gaining weight

Nov 4, 2021

Cleaning influencer and author, Mrs Hinch, slammed a troll who accused her of “gaining weight” this week.

The Instagram star, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, has over 4.2million followers on her @mrshinchhome page.

Mum-of-two, Sophie, who gave birth to second son Lennie in May this year, started off her day by sharing a tasty recipe for a cheese spin wheel.

The cooking hack involved a wheel of delicious soft cheese – such as camembert – being placed on a puff pastry circle covered in red onion chutney and cheddar. Another puff pastry circle was added on top.

Then, Mrs Hinch showed how she patted the edges of the pastry circle down with a fork before cutting slits in the edges and twisting them, adding an egg wash and sprinkling with chia seeds

When baked, the cheese melts and the pastry can be pulled apart and dipped into it.

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The recipe is “simple, quick and easy”, according to the influencer who became famous for her cleaning, organisation and decorating hacks.

She even acknowledged the indulgent treat was not a health food and wrote “calories = let’s not talk about that” on her Instagram Stories.

We think it’s a yummy and decadent centrepiece for any festive buffet or dinner party and fits in just fine with a balanced diet.

But, not everyone was kind about the mum’s simple recipe.

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Sophie soon took to Instagram to share a “roller rant” in response to a troll's comment, which said: “No wonder you are putting on weight eatin’ that s**t Hinch.”

But, Mrs Hinch was having none of it and replied: “Well… I can assure you that the only s**t thing about this food are the chia seeds still stuck in my teeth!! Apart from that it’s cracking…


In the past, Sophie has explained that she started anti-depressants after being targeted by bullies online.

And, the mum even admitted that she “felt like she was dying” from anxiety after trolls targeted her eldest son, Ronnie.

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