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Mum accused of ‘child abuse’ for still breastfeeding son, 4, in touching tribute

Jul 3, 2019

It was a post which was intended to show gratitude for what her body was capable of and love for her son.

As well as praise, though, mum Riona O'Connor's tribute to her son and their joint breastfeeding journey also attracted harsh words.

Comedian and writer Riona, 38, from Kerry, Ireland, took to her Facebook page to post her heartfelt birthday tribute to her four-year-old.

"He's four today. I'm so in love with and proud of everything he is. I'm so proud of what he's made me become.

"If you know me you know my self esteem can be through the floor at times. Those times I've thought, I might not be able to do much but I can do this.

"So thank you my body but mostly thank you my baby for coming into my life. I'm so incredibly lucky to have you".

She accompanied it with a sweet image of her smiling while she nursed her son outside a cafe.

Riona's honesty was praised by many of her followers, and she was also thanked for helping to normalise natural-term feeding.

But, because this is social media/the internet, there were those who decided to rain on her parade.

"Let me just say this I am 55 years old and have vivid memories from the ages of 3 and 4, I definitely would not want to be able to remember nursing my mothers breast or should I," one bloke waded in with.

"Here's a good rule of thumb for discontinuing breast feeding," If the child is old enough to tell you that they are thirsty, then they are too old to breastfeed. This borders on child abuse in my opinion."

The women had something to say too, with one adding: "Breastfeeding is natural and beautiful, but I hate when mums extend it until the kid is old enough to eat a steak.

"That's sick. A kid needs to grow and cut the cord. They can't be babies forever."

"There comes a time in a child’s life that even the bottle and pacifier need to be taken away. I am all for breastfeeding but I do think there is a cut off point," critiqued another woman.

"If you want him to drink breast milk everyday then pump and put it in a cup for him. I’ll probably get bashed for this but he is too old to be on your breast.

"I kind of feel bad for this kid because he is going to have some major issues growing up. And unrealistic expectations of women."

She then sort-of contradicted herself, finishing off with:

"That being said it’s no ones business what you do. If you were my friend in real life I would give you my opinion and support you in everything you do.

"I am in no way saying you are a bad mom but those would be my concerns. Happy birthday to your kiddo".

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