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Mum creates grass racetrack with lawnmower to keep kids entertained for hours

Jun 3, 2021

A mum has discovered an easy hack to keep her kids playing outside for hours – and it took her just minutes to set up.

When Samantha Hunnisett, from Derby, noticed her grass was in need of a cut, she decided to use it as an opportunity to make something for her twins.

By first trimming the garden in a long setting and then switching to a short setting, she was able to create a racetrack pattern for them to play with.

She wound it right round the garden, giving them lots of space to explore and then grabbed some of their bigger toys that fitted the pattern.

Posting in Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas, Samantha said: ‘Well chuffed with our grass track in the garden using long and short setting on the lawn mower… kids been riding bikes and pushing cars round all day… fingers crossed for a good nights sleep!’

The family plan to let the grass grow back and try a maze design next time.

Other parents loved the idea and said they would try it out on their own lawns.

One said: ‘Brilliant idea.’

Another added: ‘Genius.’

It’s not the only easy way to keep kids entertained this summer.

Elsewhere, another mum showed how she makes it easier for kids to watch their favourite shows on long journeys with a sandwich bag.

She lifts the headrest off, puts the phone inside the bag, presses play and then punches holes so it hangs over the back of the seat.

It means her child can happily watch videos without having to hold onto a phone or tablet.

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