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Mum on brink of tears after drive-thru worker fat-shames her and three kids

Dec 23, 2022

A woman opened up about her situation after getting "fat-shamed" at a drive-thru with her kids.

She explained how her family rarely get takeaways but fancied treating her children to fast food.

Her husband had been away all week so was exhausted and hungry to face cooking.

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Since her three kids were on their best behaviour that week, she treated them to a meal plus an ice cream dessert.

As she sat in the car behind another vehicle, she overheard a female voice making cruel fat-shaming remarks.

Speaking anonymously on Kidspot, the mum thought she was being spoken to before realising it was to a colleague.

She said: "'I can't believe how many parents feed their kids this c**p', she said. 'I bet you they're all fat too', she added, sniggering."

Much to her relief, the kids didn't pay attention to what was going as they were playing a game.

She was upset by the harsh judgement and became increasingly distressed as she approached the window, knowing she'd come face-to-face with the worker.

As the mum drove up to the window, the colleague looked at her "smiling the sweetest most innocent smile as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth".

The parent continued: "She then asked me how my day was and told me the total amount to pay as if she had never said such a horrible thing only a minute before.

"Just as I was convinced that perhaps her comments were referring to someone else or I had misunderstood what she meant, I saw her look into my back seat and at each of my children sitting there as if checking to see whether her assessment they'd be fat was correct."

By this point, the mum was on the brink of tears and chose not to say anything as she knew she'd just end up crying in front of the worker.

In the end, the mum pulled up at a local park and was pleased to see her kids enjoying their meals.

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