For the most part, your child might be a little angel, but every now and then you'll catch them doing something that makes you want to tear your hair out.

Whether it be throwing food around the room or having a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket, kids are bound to test your patience at some point.

And if for some reason you needed further proof of this, several mums have shared the jaw-dropping moments they caught their children doing something very cheeky.

Burton’s Biscuit Co, the company behind household favourites Jammie Dodgers asked mums and dads to send in photos of their youngsters getting up to mischief via their Facebook page.

And parents did not disappoint.

The pictures reveal many of the hilarious antics kids try to get away with, from selling their mum’s underwear on the street to helping with a house clear out, to flushing expensive wedding make-up down the loo, and paddling in the dog’s water bowl.

Here's a look at some of the entries so far…

Two-year-old Archie Pass from Manchester was caught by his mum, Gemma Louise having a splash about in the dog's bowl.

Similarly Mary Steel from Edinburgh managed to snap an amusing photo of her 15-month-old twins Keira and Isla attempting to clear out the freezer and get rid of the frozen veg.

The pair made quite a mess on the kitchen floor and they look pretty proud of it.

Meanwhile Laura Fear entered a cracking picture of her two daughters, 10-year-old Immi and seven-year-old Esme selling her underwear outside their house – for just 50p per bra and pair of pants.

The two little ones has overheard their mum saying how she had too many clothes and decided to take matters into their own hands by flogging her stuff.

Lisa Rawlings from Leeds got a shock when she stumbled across her 15-month-old Isabella getting artistic in the living room and drawing on the laminate flooring!

She may have a creative future ahead of her, but her parents probably weren't too impressed. We bet it was pretty hard to stay mad at that adorable face though!

And six-month-old Ava Ridgeway from Bedfordshire was papped by her mum, Rebecca, attempting to help with the nappy changing.

The little one managed to get hold of a bottle of talcum powder and spilled the contents all over herself and the carpet as well. 


Speaking about the antics they've been sent, Kate Needham, Burton's Biscuit's Marketing Director, said: "Children can be naïve and sometimes outright cheeky when they create mischief, and we’re capturing the moment when parents forgive their naughtiness because underneath it they know they have good intentions – or as we say – they’re ‘Sweet at Heart’.

"We’re thoroughly enjoying seeing some of the playful, mischievous things kids in the UK get up to. because like Jammie Dodgers, we think a little mess and mischief adds to family life – when they're Sweet at Heart of course!"

Have you captured your kids doing something rather cheeky? We'd love to see, send your photos to [email protected]

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