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Mum takes hilarious picture when her son doesn't understand how to hold a fish

Jul 10, 2019

This mum caught the picture picture showing the character of her three boys during a family outing.

Marika Daniels posted the picture of Levi, four, Logan, three, and Landon, 18 months, holding rubber fish.

She wanted to replicate a photo of the two older boys holding fish from the year before at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota.

She asked her sons to pose together and told them to hold the fake fish up to their face – but her youngest boy took it a bit too literally.

Landon put the fish in his mouth, while the other two held them in their hands.

Mum Marika was so busy trying to get the older boys to look at the camera, she didn’t even notice what Landon was doing until after she pressed the button to take the picture.


Marika posted the picture on Instagram and it quickly went viral, with people reposting it with the caption ‘Every family has that one kid’.

One person commented: ‘The little one with the fish in his mouth made me laugh! What a character!’

Another added: ‘Crackin me up. Boy mom life. I love it.’

Marika added that she can’t wait to bring the picture out when the boys are older.

She said: ‘I am actually excited for the boys to reinact this picture in their 30s… that’ll be hilarious!

‘Truly humbled at how many likes, shares, laughs, and smiles this picture has brought to so many people already.’

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