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Mum with UK’s biggest eyebrows introduces boyfriend who has same huge brows

May 13, 2022

It’s now been two months since Sammie-Jo Hailford introduced herself as the woman with "Britain’s biggest eyebrows".

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, the mum said trolls threatened to call social services on her – claiming her extreme brows make her “unfit” to parent.

Since then she has started a social media campaign called ‘BROWS’ – beauty redefined or we suffer.

And now she has given her rapidly acquired following a further glimpse into her private life – by welcoming her boyfriend.

Posting on Instagram, she shared selfies with Bailey Pike, who also rocked the same giant drawn-on eyebrows.

She wrote: “Couples who brow together stay together.”

One fan replied: "Absolute couple goals."

And in another post, the loved-up 27-year-old wrote: “The man I only believed existed in fairy tales is now by my side in real life forever.”

Sammie-Jo, from Grimsby, also unveiled Bailey to her 143,000 followers on TikTok.

And on Bailey’s own page, he posted a video of his girlfriend impersonating wrestling super star Hulk Hogan.

One person replied: “You 2 are proper cute.”

And another added: “I choked on my biscuits.”

Speaking to Daily Star earlier this year, Sammie-Jo said: “People have said I shouldn’t be a mum and they are going to ring social services because of my eyebrows. It gets really extreme on the internet.

“They can call social services because I have nothing to hide. My eyebrows don’t determine whether I’m a good mother or not.”

And as for her huge brows, she said: “I’m not a massive fan of beauty standards today.

“I feel like people are socially conditioned to only be beautiful if they are part of these standards and I just don’t agree with it and I don’t like it.

“I just like to make a statement and the brows do that for me. They started off normal size and they just got bigger over time and I just like to look different.”

The mum-of-two is now continuing to push her ‘BROWS’ campaign on her social media pages.

Explaining the idea behind it, she added: “It's a movement to get beauty standards of today changed because we want to help create a new idea of beauty.

“This includes seeing women and men of all types in the media like people with wonky teeth like mine doing adverts and people with moles on their face or with acne.

“Anything really that isn't deemed beautiful in society. Hopefully we can make a difference and change things.”

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