DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend’s sexual interest has disappeared since my baby bump started to show. We are both 30 and have been together for five years.

We always had an incredible sex life and both of us have high sex drives. We were always sneaking off somewhere to indulge one another. We had been trying for a baby for six months and were over the moon when it happened.

Now I am five months’ pregnant and he just makes excuses. He’s not interested in trying different positions to accommodate my changing body.

I notice him looking at other women, something he never did, and he will always try to be fast asleep in bed before I can initiate anything.

If I’d had any idea that I would become a turn-off for him I don’t think I would have been keen on getting pregnant.

How will he react to me in labour or to my post-baby body?

DEIDRE SAYS: Some men are not comfortable about having sex with a pregnant partner or he may worry (unnecessarily) that sex will harm the baby.

He may struggle to see you both as the mother of his child and the woman he desires sexually, or feel jealous of the baby.

You shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

Ask him what he’s nervous of or what’s putting him off and keep in touch physically even if it doesn’t always lead to full sex.

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