• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

My partner is paying our neighbour for amazing no-strings sex twice a week

Aug 16, 2022

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My partner is paying for sex with a young male neighbour.

Apparently, I can take it or leave it. She books him for no-strings bonks twice a week.

She’s calling him a sexual practitioner and claims she’s never felt better. Her headaches have ceased, her back has stopped aching and she’s full of energy. She credits him with bringing her “back to life”.

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He’s also managed to coax a couple of multiple orgasms out of her too. Bully for him.

I’m just back from working abroad. I’ve returned to a glowing partner I barely recognise.

I accept she was struggling with her mental health before I left. Her mum had been admitted into a care home and her best friend had relocated to Spain.

Some days she struggled to get out of bed and she cried a lot.

I was anxious about going away and leaving her, but my boss was offering a big bonus and she said she’d relish some private time alone.

Well, she hasn’t been alone, has she? She’s been bonking Mr Wonderful down the road.

I suppose I should draw some comfort from the fact that there’s no emotional attachment, that this is a professional arrangement, but how is this fair on me?

She claims she needs his sex for the sake of her mental well-being. She says he’s the only one keeping her sane. I admit that she looks amazing.

But I thought she was planning to join a choir or take up yoga.

He’s a good-looking lad. I often see him around our estate in his tight jeans and vest tops.

So, I suspect, my impressionable partner isn’t the only desperate housewife he’s servicing.

JANE SAYS: Let’s be honest about what is going on here.

This guy isn’t a sexual practitioner. He’s a sex worker and your partner is paying him for pleasure.

It’s fantastic that she’s feeling so much better after a difficult time, but has she explained how they met?

Did he approach her and what does she know about him? Just how much money has she given him during the time you’ve been away?

Also, how many other clients does he service?

Does he practise safe sex, or is her sexual health (and yours) in danger? Did she even stop to think about your feelings? And why does she still require his services when you’re back home to love and comfort her?

If she has new skills and moves, then wouldn’t it be a great idea to show them to you? Don’t you deserve to share the love?

On a very serious note, do you worry that there is something sinister or threatening about this guy?

Is she scared of him exposing her? Could he be taking advantage or even blackmailing her?

Insist that she opens up and tells you everything – especially where you stand.


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