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My Unique House: Take a look inside this house inside of a house

Jun 26, 2019

Welcome to My Unique House, a weekly video series that profiles the most unconventional homes around the country and their equally interesting owners. Check back next week for another wild story, from a mermaid-inspired bungalow, an old airplane transformed into the ultimate bachelor pad and an entire house dedicated to cats.

Adam Khakin brought his architectural vision to life when he created “Bunny Lane,” his dream home which features an old farmhouse inside a modern encasement.

“The cottage was originally made by a Japanese gardener who came over to build a Japanese garden from Kyoto,” Khakin told AOL Lifestyle. Although he didn’t like the initial design of the cottage, built in 1880, Khakin reworked the home to his liking after being inspired by his office in New York City.

For the homeowner, that meant installing an aircraft hanger over the small cottage to create volume and expand the space. Oversized glass garage doors and an updated, commercially-outfitted kitchen contribute to the outdoorsy feel. 

“I think when people come into the house, they’re surprised by actually how homey it is,” Khakin said. “They see different ideas of what a home can be.” 

Watch the video above to learn more about Khakin’s unique home, which includes creatively-designed office space, weight room, library and outdoor deck.

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