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Naked stag almost kicked out of £2,000 Ibiza club over dissolving shorts prank

Aug 13, 2022

A bloke was almost kicked out of a club on his own stag do for accidentally baring his bits.

Just 30 minutes after he and his pals paid £2,000 to get in to a swanky venue, his mates 'got him good' with a £30 prank.

Ryan Jackson thought he'd 'got off lightly' after being forced to wear lifeguard shorts and kids' armbands to Ibiza's famous Ocean Beach club on August 4.

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But the 28-year-old, of Warrington, ended up showing more than he bargained for when it turned out that the shorts were 'dissolving' ones that best man Luke had paid £30 for on Amazon.

A video captured the moment he realised his shorts were falling apart and he laughed nervously, desperately trying to keep his crotch covered with the scarps of red material from the prank shorts.

Partygoers cheer as the embarrassed stag runs away from the pool and up a flight of stairs with his bottom showing and only the thin drawstring wrapped around his waist.

When he reaches the group's beds, two burley security men can be seen telling him to get out before Ryan says they forced him back down the stairs.

Ryan said that Ocean Beach owner Wayne Lineker was waiting at the bottom, and after desperately explaining they were on a stag do, the club mogul reportedly told security to leave them alone.

He has since admitted he was stupidly embarrassed and the lads 'got him good' – but is grateful Lineker didn't kick him out after he'd spent just 30 minutes at the costly venue.

Along with spending £2,000 to secure two beds, the trio claimed club rules stated they had to spend at least £1,300 on drinks per bed.

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Best men Mark and Pete, who shot the video which has since gone viral on social media, say they bought the shorts and were proud their prank 'went perfectly.'

Ryan said: "When I got out of the pool I just thought 'oh s***'. It was just pure embarrassment. People started cheering and that made it worse.

"I was thinking I need to get back as quickly as possible because my shorts are getting worse the more I walk. I ended up walking away like I s*** my pants because the floor was too hot. I couldn't believe I didn't think of it.

"I'd seen it done before but they disguised it well with the lifeguard outfit. I thought that was easy and I'd got off lightly. Security chased me and they both grabbed me. They took me down the stairs to chuck me out. We'd only been in there half an hour if that.

"Wayne Lineker was stood there and the lads told him we're on a stag do and he told the bouncers 'it's fine, leave him in'. So he saved the day. I was thinking I can't get kicked out, we've all paid so much. It nearly went too far."

The groom-to-be, who is due to get married in early September, changed into a spare pair of shorts so the 22 strong-group stayed for the rest of the day.


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