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Nikki Bella Gushes Over Her Boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev: ‘He Makes My Heart Skip Beats’

Jul 26, 2019

After dancing around the subject Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella came out to say they’re ‘boyfriend and girlfriend. The ‘Total Bellas’ star tells us EXCLUSIVELY that it’s fun to finally ‘showcase that love’ for all to see.

“It’s amazing,” Nikki Bella, 35, said to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when asked how she felt now that she and Artem Chigvintsev, 37, have gone public with their relationship. She and Artem were attending the 9th Annual Variety Charity Poker & Casino Night at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and took a moment from going all-in at the dealer’s table to double-down on their love. “I have tried to fight the whole no labels for so long and trying to take my time,” she said to us. “I don’t know. This guy over here — I don’t know, he makes my heart skip beats, and it’s fun to showcase that love. I feel like people need that, you know?

“It’s all my fault!” Artem said, with Nikki adding. “It’s all your fault. Why do you have to be you?” When asked about their efforts to keep the relationship on the DL, Nikki explained why she and Artem didn’t rush to tell the world that they were an item. “I know for me, personally, I just wasn’t in a place yet ready to have this relationship back in the public eye,” the Total Bellas star said to HollywoodLife. “I tried to avoid that as much as possible which is pretty funny living in Los Angeles, I’m not going to lie, but — I was kind of like, why am I fighting? Why am I putting rules on a relationship? Let what will be, be, and so that’s what I ended up doing.

“I think it’s very quick, especially in this industry, that people put labels on and before it gets serious they’re like, “Oh yeah, we’re dating,” and stuff like that,” Artem added. “We just wanted to take our time to make sure it’s real, and it seems like it is.” While the couple, who met when Nikki appeared on the 25th season of Dancing With The Stars, is no longer dancing around whether they are/aren’t a couple anymore, they are still dancing – at least, dancing together.

“We recently just dropped a dance video on my YouTube channel, and I already am telling him the more that I want to do them. I love dancing with him,” Nikki tells HollywoodLife. “ She’s just taking advantage of it, that’s what it is,” added Artem.

Nikki and Artem made their relationship official on the July 17 edition of The Bellas Podcast. In the aptly-titled episode “Official,” Nikki told the audience that she and Artem are “boyfriend and girlfriend” while gushing over her relationship. They also released the aforementioned dance video, showing an intimate performance to Rita Ora’s “Let You Love Me.” Artem said the footage “sums up” their relationship. “It’s very dear to both of our hearts, it’s so emotional, it’s crazy.”

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