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Not all narcissists are the same – here are the 5 different types to look out for

Jan 17, 2022

When we think of narcissist, there may be certain characteristics that come to mind – but, as this TikTok mentions, there is more than one type of narcissists and various ways to identify them.

When we think of narcissists, there are a few signs we can think of to identify them, from a lack of empathy, a need for constant praise and exploiting others without guilt and shame.

But what if I told you there were various types of narcissists and thus, many other signs that we may miss because we don’t know the full range of narcissistic types that are out there?

One person exploring the different narcissistic groups to be aware of is Manjit Ruprai, a narcissistic abuse recovery therapist and author.

The Leicester-based therapist took to TikTok to brilliantly break down narcissistic types while warning that not all “narcissists are the same”.

The first narcissistic type Ruprai highlights is the overt narcissist, which she says “is an exhibitionist, charismatic, big personality, grandiose and egotistical”.

“They are also unafraid to show power and control,” she says.

Next up, Ruprai warns against the covert narcissist who she claims is highly manipulative, plays the victim and is passive-aggressive. “You will feel sorry for them because of their victim mentality,” she adds.

Narcissists that are particularly into their looks are identified as somatic narcissists, with Ruprai describing them as “slick and polished, arrogant and have to have the latest of everything”.

If you come across a narcissist who flaunts their success, they may be a cerebral narcissist according to Ruprai. “Cerebral narcissists withhold sex,” she explains. “They are intelligent and successful. They are knowledgeable. They flaunt their success in order to entice their supply.”

“Parasitic narcissists look down on their victims and make you feel unloved,” she mentions. “They look for strong and resilient supply. Like a parasite, they feed off their victims.”

Lastly, the therapist warns against amorous narcissists, who she says “put their victims on a pedestal”.

“They want supplies that look good. You are not allowed to be yourself.”

“Narcissists will cross over in these groups.”

The video, which has received over 13,000 views, saw many discuss the narcissists they’ve come across and how the video has helped to further identify them.

“Very interesting! Now I understand the variations of them all,” wrote one, while another said: “I’ve dealt with covert narcissists and even some of the other types which I wasn’t able to identify at the time. It’s so important to be aware of the different types beyond the ones which are common to us as many of us are surrounded by them without knowing.”

“My ex-husband is overt, my 2 younger children’s father is a covert,” a third commented. “20 years of this and now I lean on creators like you for support. Thank you.”

From friends and families to partners and colleagues, it can be difficult to navigate different relationships with narcissists let alone identify the type they fall into. But being aware of these different types can truly make all the difference.

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