• Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

One of Britain’s cheapest homes up for grabs for just £19,000 – with three bedrooms and garden

Nov 8, 2021

ONE of the cheapest homes in Britain has just hit the market for less than £20,000.

The property in Leigh, Greater Manchester comes with three bedrooms and a garden, for the guide price of £19,000.

The property is up for auction in December and estimated to go for less than £24,000 – a whopping £117,000 below the average house price for the area.

But, the auctioneers are warning potential new owners that the home needs substantial refurbishments.

The house is listed as an “end terraced property standing flush to the pavement”.

It has a hall, two living rooms, a kitchen, pantry and under-stairs storage on the first floor.

On the second floor there are three bedrooms and a family bathroom.

And, there’s even a garden at the back of the property.

House prices across the UK are creeping up and many people are struggling to get their foot on the property ladder.

However, this property could be paid off in a matter of years.

The average price for a property in Leigh is £141,000 as of November this year, according to Zoopla, which means the future buyer could be in for a bargain.

The auctioneers have not shared any images of inside the property.

Potential buyers are urged to be cautious ahead of property auctions and be aware of hidden fees.

Auctions can be subject to price-creeping, meaning buyers could miss out on a bargain, or a dream home if someone outbids them.

Before buyers decide to sign up to an auction, there are a number of things to be aware of.

Although properties on auction sites are usually cheaper than those listed on the traditional market, you'll no doubt be paying more than the starting price.

This is because there will no doubt be other buyers vying for the same property as you – make sure you have a cut off point in mind if you get locked in a bidding war.

Buyers should also factor in how much cash they’ll need to do up the house if they want to.

Before buying a house, especially one that needs work doing to it, buyers should pay to have a survey carried out.

These are on top of the survey your mortgage lender will carry out and prices depend on the level of detail you want.

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