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Our Yorkshire Farm viewers celebrate as show returns

Oct 6, 2021

The return of Our Yorkshire Farm! Annas, 7, and Clemmie, 5, delight viewers with a lockdown video tour of their home – featuring Brussels Sprout the dog, their snowboarding brothers, and an underwear-eating cow

  • Our Yorkshire Farm, which stars Owen family, returned last night on Channel 5 
  • Ravenseat Farm, where they live, was taken over by a cold snap in the episode
  • Amanda, 47 and her husband Clive, 67,  looked for sheep lost in a blizzard
  • Meanwhile, youngest of children enjoyed some downtime and Winter Sports

Channel 5 viewers celebrated as the hit show Our Yorkshire Farm returned last night with an action packed episode in which the younger children took centre stage. 

Clemmie, five and Annas, seven, delighted viewers by recording themselves during the episode which was filmed in January 2021, during the third national lockdown. 

With their little sister Nancy, four, the girls are the youngest of Amanda and Clive Owen’s nine-strong brood, who live on Ravenseat Farm, in the Yorkshire  Dales.  

In last night’s show, Clemmie and Annas took the camera into their own hands before going for an exploration around the farm, introducing their dog Brussels Sprout, their cow Ciara and their pony Tony, before enjoying a snack and playing in the snow. 

Later in the show, Annas wowed her mother by herding a flock of sheep on her own, for a mile, just like Amanda, 47.  

The episodes was the ultimate pick-me-up for viewers who praised Amanda’s ‘adorable’ family and said it was lovely to see Annas blossom and grow more confident.  

Annas, seven and Clemmie Owen, five, two of Amanda and Clive Owen’s youngest children stole the show during last night’s episode of Our Yorksire Farm on Channel 5, pictured

Annas and Clem, pictured, took viewers on a tour of their parents farm before enjoying some Winter Sports. Amanda loves to share snaps of her girls playing in the snow, pictured

Clemmie, who always delights viewers when she is onscreen, took viewers on a tour of the farm last night with her sister Annas, whom she calls Annie.   

‘That’s Ciara, she’s very pretty and very friendly,’ Annas said filming the family’s most beloved cow. 

‘She eats everything, she eats knickers, she eats socks,’ Clemmie said. 

‘This dog here is called Brussels sprout, because he is a Brussels sprout and we got him at Christmas,’ Annas continued. 

Amanda, 47, live on Ravenseat Farm in Yorkshire with her husband Clive Owen, 67. Pictured left to right: Annas, seven, Violet, 10, Edith, 12, Raven, 20, Amanda with Nancy, four, Clive with Clemmie, five, Reuben, 17, Miles, 14 and Sidney, eight

Later on, the girls sat on a stone edge overlooking the dale, which was covered in snow. 

‘We’re just going to sit on top of here to have a little snack that mum gave us,’ Annas said, filming Clemmie, who was eating next to her. 

Meanwhile, the girls’ older siblings, Miles, 14 and Edith, 12, filmed themselves perfecting their off-piste snowboarding skills.

Annas impressed her mother later on in the show when she attempted to herd sheep by herself. 

Amanda was out on the dale with four of her children, Tony the Pony and the family’s sheep dog. 

She explained she needed to walk about 50 sheep back to the farm, and could count on her brood to help. 

Pictured: Nancy, the youngest of the Owen children, next to Annas, who has grown in confidence in the past year 

Pictured: Clemmie and Annas, who often go on adventures around the farm as a pair, and delighted viewers last night 

When the family stopped for a snack and a rest, Amanda soon remarked Annas, which her third youngest child, was nowhere to be seen.  

‘We’ve picked up our hoof of sheep, we’ve stopped for a bit of a rest but now basically Annas has headed off with the sheep,’ she said. 

‘We don’t know at all where she’s gone but she had 50 sheep with her the last time we saw her,’ she added. 

‘I don’t know whether she knows what she’s doing or where she’s going. But I probably better go and catch up and see where she’s at,’ the dynamic mother-of-nine said. 

Clemmie and one of her siblings playing in the snow and pictured by their mother during the last January cold snap in Yorkshire 

When she finally found Annas, Amanda was impressed to see her seven-year-old had moved the sheep over a mile. 

‘Blooming heck you set off under your own steam you were doing such a good job,’ Amanda said. 

‘You’ve brought them all the way to the cow pasture all by yourself,’ the proud mother said. 

‘Would you like an apple after all that? Are you tired? Annas has just become a full-time shepherd,’ Amanda narrated as Annas tucked into her apple. 

Viewers were delighted that the show was back and praised Amanda and her children, saying the show makes Tuesday the best night of their week

The seven-year-old and her siblings all grew in confidence during the January lockdown, where they had to stay on Ravenseat Farm for several months, while attending classes from home thanks to their computer. 

At the end of the show, with the snow melting away and Spring setting upon Yorkshire, the children were looking forward to returning to school, even though it means leaving their beloved pet Tony the Pony behind. 

Viewers were delighted with the episode, and said it was a pleasure to see Annas blossom into a confident girl. 

‘Your family are adorable Amanda and the scenery is stunning. So good to see your program back on the telly,’ one fan said. 

‘The skills those children learn from being togther working on that farm will set them up for life,’ one said. 

‘Our Yorkshire Farm as glorious as ever! Lovely to see Annas blossoming too, such a sweetie and the bond between her an d Clem is beautiful. Thank you Amanda Owens for sharing your wonderful family with us.  

‘Great to have Our Yorkshire Farm and the Owen family back on the TV. A real feel good watch and escapism from the crazy world,’ another wrote. 

‘Tuesday telly… best night of the week, happy days,’ one said.  

‘Our Yorkshire Farm It’s back nice one,’ a fan said. 

Our Yorkshire Farm airs at 9pm on Tuesdays on Channel 5.  

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