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Pageant winner plans £52,000 surgery to become only virgin on OnlyFans

Nov 27, 2021

A pageant winner has said she’s keen to get virginity surgery in order to make history – but, it’s very expensive.

Lu Duarte, winner of the Miss Butt World competition, earns thousands of pounds every month posing for x-rated content on OnlyFans.

The subscription site demands fans pay a monthly sum to access Lu’s photos and videos.

The Miss Bum Bum contestant wants to get “virginity surgery” so she can be the first virgin on OnlyFans.

Former Miss Butt World, Lu Duarte, is betting big to make money on the website.

Her son opened her account on the platform and she saw her revenue increase with several daring photos but, now she wants to promote something new to her subscribers.

Lu explained: “I want to have virginity surgery to pursue the title of OnlyFans' first virgin,.”

She believes the surgery will help her to make more cash because she’ll be able to offer her fans “exclusivity”.

Lu noted: “There are a lot of similar people on the platform. My idea is to innovate”.

And, the star is not wrong as thousands of content creators flocked to the site during the pandemic during the “porn boom” as more people worked from home.

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Lu plans to spend an incredible $70,000 (£52,000) on the surgery which she thinks will make her feel like a virgin again.

The model wants to have the surgery next month.

Previously, Lu decided to try on £43,000 worth of wigs in order to find her perfect hair colour – and believes pink is her top shot.

And, she also transformed herself into a " human sex doll " to flaunt her curves.

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