Letting kids help with decorating Chrismas cookies and putting baubles on the tree is all fun and games. But when paints and pens are involved, you’re asking for trouble.

That might be why parents are raving about these chalk pens from The Range, which can be used to write on non-porous surfaces and wipe clean off.

Snow scenes and messages can be drawn onto your windows or ceramics. When the festive season is over, a wet cloth will get rid of any mess.

The pens cost just £1 for a pack of three white pens from The Range, and are getting great reviews from those looking to involve their kids in the decoration process.

You can also get a pack of multicolour pens from the store costing £3.99, if you want a jazzier look with the same wipe-clean effect.

On the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, one mum wrote: ‘Chalk pens from the range, just wipe off! 

‘Hours of drawing and peace and quiet.’

In the comments, another wrote: ‘We got these in the first lockdown, decorate the windows at every opportunity now.’

Some voiced their concerns about if little ones got a big trigger happy and moved onto the walls. Thankfully others said that they were still easy to clean off – but that’s something you test at your own risk.

Amazon is selling similar pens at £6.99 for a pack of eight neon colours. Or, you can head to Asda for this pack at just £3.

We’re likely to be spending more time at home this festive season, so arts and crafts are a good way to keep ourselves busy.

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