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Paris Hilton is giving her pals the gift of flawless selfies this holiday season.

“I am obsessed with the Opte, and I am giving it to all my friends,” she told Page Six Style. “This beauty device is literally like having Facetune in real life. It is epic!”

A handheld makeup printer of sorts, the futuristic Opte Precision System ($599) works by digitally scanning the skin and analyzing the user’s complexion before camouflaging any imperfections — from age spots to hyperpigmentation — by depositing tiny droplets of tinted serum.

But an innovative beauty gadget isn’t the only thing on the “Simple Life” star’s gifting list this year. She also plans to stuff stockings with MoxieLash‘s “simple and glam” magnetic eyelashes and stock up on Venus et Fleur‘s “Eternity Roses” for last-minute gifting.

“They are so beautiful, last forever and leave such a gorgeous scent in every room they are in,” Hilton raved.

To help her loved ones relax — because, well, 2020 — she’s also giving out R3SET’s stress-busting supplements ($17.99), as well as gift certificates for a little pampering.

“It’s so important to support small businesses and female entrepreneurs, so I will be sending all of my friends to Heather Nicole Skincare for facials,” she said. “She does this amazing ‘Metamorphosis’ treatment [that leaves] my skin glowing.”

As for what she’s hoping to unwrap herself on Christmas morning? “Anything from Chanel!” Hilton exclaimed. “I love everything they design, from their gorgeous purses to their fingerless gloves and shoes.”

Of course, no number of quilted bags could compare to the gift Hilton named as her all-time favorite ever received.

“Everyone knows I love my pets, and my boyfriend got Crown and Paw dog portraits for all our babies to put into our doggie mansion,” she told us. “They are so amazing!”

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