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People left baffled by iceless skating rink that looks like simulation

Dec 24, 2022

Ice skating is a popular activity around Christmas time enjoyed by the likes of children and loved up couples.

But this woman noticed there was something a little odd about her local 'ice' rink.

As Hana Zarah walked through the town centre in Harrow, she realised that people were attempting to skate on the floor in the bladed boots with no ice in sight.

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Yes, you read that right.

An iceless rink…

In a viral TikTok clip that has now racked up 2million views, Hana filmed what she called a 'simulation' of people trying to skate on the tiled flooring.

"Only in Harrow will they have an ice rink with no ice", she wrote over the video with a pair of laughing emojis.

"No, only in Harrow. Only in Harrow will they have a floor, a literal floor where they are skating on."

Children and adults alike donned the orange bladed shoes and attempted to 'skate' across the surface that was lacking ice.

"What? No!", Hanna gasped in disbelief.

"People were even falling. Life is a simulation for real."

Equally baffled by the 'no ice' skating rink, many people fled to the comments to poke fun at it.

One person commented: "The sound of the skates hitting the floor is sending me."

Another user added: "Not only are they ice skating on cold hard tiles but they’re doing it in SILENCE?

"No music no nothing."

While a third suggested: "Think a lot of temporary ice rinks are like that."

Harrow Town Centre shared a Facebook post to inform people of the opening of the rink.

"Come and skate for free, no booking required, skates available to borrow", they wrote.

"Fun for all the family."

In the comments, one interested parent asked: "Hi, so this is not ice rink?"

The Harrow Town Centre Facebook page confirmed: "It's not ice, it's a skating rink."


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