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People spot a MAJOR mistake with a woman's tattoo

May 24, 2023

People spot a MAJOR mistake with a woman’s tattoo – but can you see it?

  • Facebook users spotted that the hand on the tattoo has an extra finger 
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People have spotted a major design flaw with a woman’s inspirational tattoo.

The woman splashed out on the uplifting tattoo, but she got more than she bargained for. 

The ink was meant to be encouraging, but Facebook users from around the world noticed there was a fault with the design. 

The body modification reads: ‘You can let it go’ along with a hand and some butterflies and stars above it. 

Despite the message probably holding a lot of value to the woman – there is a crucial mistake that was missed.   

The woman splashed out on an inspirational tattoo – Facebook users spotted a major mistake with the ink 

People noticed that the tattoo of the hand has an extra finger – six instead of five. 

The placement of the fingers on the hand is also strange and quite confusing – making it hard to see which finger is the extra one.  

What’s more is that the woman decided to get the design on an area of the body that is usually very visible during the warmer months – the top of her arm.

The stars and butterflies are also quite distorted, making it challenging to tell what they are at first. 

The picture was shared on a Facebook page and got a bunch of likes and laugh reactions.

The group is followed by more than five thousand people from around the world. 

It is notorious for posting tattoo fails – from botched ink to modifications with spelling and grammatical errors.  

It was captioned: ‘Gotta be hard to find gloves,’ poking fun at the mistake. 

And stunned people in the comments also found it hilarious. 

People took to the comments section of the Facebook page to give their opinions on the tattoo fail 

One user joked about AI tattooing the individual instead of a human.

They wrote: ‘That tattoo must have been made by AI with them fingers.’ 

Another user, who is a tattoo artist from New South Wales, Australia, penned: ‘Hokey pockyness…’ 

Someone tagged their friend in the comments who is a tattoo artist from Tegelen in the Netherlands. 

She wrote: ‘The idea is nice,’ followed by a laughing crying emoji. 

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